Dibuluan Island Beach Club in El Nido

Dibuluan Island Beach Club El Nido Resort Lagen Location Jellyfish Swimming Fishing Tour Scuba DivingThe Dibuluan Island Beach Club is located on a 38-hectare island near Lagen Island Resort. The beach club, built on the side of the island facing mainland El Nido, is 15-minutes away from Lagen Island Resort and 30-minutes away from Miniloc Island Resort. It has two main beaches and several smaller beaches perfect for sunbathing and unique private picnic lunches. El Nido said the waters surrounding the new beach club is perfect for water sports such as hobiecat sailing, windsurfing, aqua biking, and kayaking. Other activities offered at Dibuluan Beach Club are diving, snorkeling, and hiking. Depending on the time you visit, there may be a presence of jellyfish in Dibuluan making the island not ideal for swimming. From within the comforts of a beach club, a variety of experiences awaits in Dibuluan. Relatively small and low, this island can be hiked to the top for a great view of the inner Bay. The trail is along a coconut grove, bamboo thickets, and banana shrubs, and ends in a small mangrove forest. At least two patches of reefs may be enjoyed by divers and advanced snorkelers. Activities offered are snorkeling and water sports activities.

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