Davao del Sur Province

Davao del Sur Province MapDavao del Sur is a province of the Philippines located in Davao region in Mindanao. Its capital is Digos City to the north, and Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat, South Cotabato, Sarangani to the west. To the east lies the Davao.

Names of Cities and Municipalities: Davao del Sur is subdivided into 14 municipalities and one city, namely: Digos City, Bansalan, Don Marcelino, Hagonoy, Jose Abad Santos (Trinidad), Kiblawan, Magsaysay, Malalag, Malita, Matanao, Padada, Santa Cruz, Santa Maria, Sarangani and Sulop.

The History of Davao del Sur dates even before its formal creation as aprovince on July 1,1967. Prior to this period, the history of the undivided province of Davao was its History ,and the history of Davao City, the capital of the old Davao, was the history of Davao del Sur.

The early inhabitants of the davao provinces, particularly the area now called the province of Davao del Sur, were the Bagobo-Guianggas who occupied the places at the foot of Mt.Apo, the B’laans of Hagonoy Valley, the Manobos in Malita and Jose Abad Santos, and other primeval tribes. These aboriginal tribes are believed to belong to the second wave of Indonesians who came to the island from Southeast Asia years before the birth of Christ, probably between 1,000 and 2,500 years ago.

Davao del Sur was created by the defunct Congress on May 8, 1967 under Republic Act No. 4867. It started functioning as a province on July 1, 1967 comprising ten municipalities by the President of the Philippines until officials were duly elected and qualified in the 1967 election.

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