Cuyo Island

Cuyo IslandCuyo Island is the major island of the Cuyo Island group that is part of an archipelago off the coast of Palawan Island in the Mimaropa region of the Philippines. This archipelago in the Sulu Sea is subdivided into the Quniluban group to the north and the Cuyo Island group to the south. Consisting of around 45 small islands, the Cuyo Island group is known for the beautiful coral reefs, clear water, beaches with powdery sand, and a number of historic attractions. Along with Bisucay, Caponayan, Lubid, Agutaya, and Manamoc, Cuyo is one of the few inhabited islands in the group. There are two towns on Cuyo Island: Magsaysay and Cuyo. The principal town, Cuyo, is located on the western side of the island. The Cuyo Archipelago or Cuyo group of islands is located in the open seas of Palawan, Philippines. It consists of 45 islands and islets that are mostly unpopulated, the biggest of which is Cuyo, a town with a culture all its own preserved for over 350 years. All the islands and islets in the Cuyo Archipelago are endowed with unspoiled white sand beaches and perfect natural environs. The Cuyo group of islands is divided into two groups, the Quiniluban group to the north and Cuyo islands to the south. Pamilican Island, the home of the very exclusive Amanpulo Resort belongs to the Ouiniluban grou

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