Cuatro Islas in Leyte

Cuatro Islas Four Islands LeyteCuatro Islas is a Spanish term for the group of four scenic islands off the coast of the municipalities of Inopacan and Hindang in the Southwestern part of Leyte. Cuatro Islas represents nature’s quadruplets lying gloriously over the pristine blue waters of Camotes Sea. The amazing foursome offers a breath-taking panorama amidst abundant white sands and pristine clear waters. Every morning the peeping sun rises above the verdant mountains of Inopacan and its rays aglow the turquoise sea, and in the late afternoon, one can witness its golden rays of sunset bidding goodbye from the gray western horizon. A haven for nature lovers, it’s a great escape from the boredom of life’s every day. A place beyond compare, it is the Cuatro Islas.

This group of islands is composed of Digjo (Digyo), Apid and Mahaba, which belong to the administrative jurisdiction of the municipality of Inopacan, while Himokilan belong to the administrative jurisdiction of the municipality of Hindang. The islands are drawing a good number of local and foreign tourists to its pristine beaches and coral reefs. International and local tourists flock to Cuatro Islas for its beauty comparable to other white sand beaches in the country. Its smallest island, Digyo, is the most popular of these four islands as a tourist destination. The four islets may not be identical in size and may be quite unique from each other, yet, it is similarly blessed with nature’s treasures, a white sand beach, pristine clear waters, extra-ordinary rock formation and non-fathomable marine wealth.

These small islands are bordered by fine white sand and beautiful coral gardens, the best in Leyte Island. A total of 287 species of reef building corals can be found in the islands waters. Cuatro Islas is also a rich fishing ground. Himokilan, the largest of the four, and Mahaba Islands are both inhabited. Himokilan is home to the big and delicious coconut-cracking crabs called. Digyo, the smallest of the four, is a declared sea turtle sanctuary. With only four families living in it, Digyo is practically empty except for coconut trees, shrubs, grasses, and fine white sand. There are no beach resorts in the four islands; therefore it is a must to bring lots of water and food for the day.

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