Crystal Cove Island in Aklan

Crystal Cove Resort BoracayCrystal Cove Island Resort is a Day tour Activity, just 10 – 20 minutes away from the main land of Boracay. It is an ALL-IN-ONE stop island hopping destination catering to both local and international tourist. It is a private island consisting of 2.5 hectare in area. Having its own private white beach and two coves where one can snorkel and swim on good weather condition.

The name Crystal Cove is derived from the crystalline water that surrounds the isle, as reflected on the walls of its two coves. From our viewing decks you’ll be able to appreciate unique rock formations, corals, and multi-colored fishes.

Crystal Cove Island Resort maintains the island’s original landscape, and as such preserves its natural beauty. Being a commune respectful of untouched wonders, expect to be rejuvenated by Mother Nature’s innate energy before you go back to the grind of everyday life.

While it is included in the island hopping destinations in Boracay, Crystal Cove Island is best explored for at least half a day. Just follow the road signs and stone pathways interconnecting its beaches, caves, museum, and small aviary. From one of the stone towers, you can have a panoramic view of islets and islands nearby, such as Crocodile, Boracay, Carabao, and Panay Islands.

Crystal Cove Island gets its name from its two crystal caves, aptly named Crystal Cave 1 and 2. Known for their opaque and unpolished crystals, the caves open out to the sea, where visitors can also swim during good weather. Because there are no restaurants on the island, visitors are advised to bring their own food and drinks, or avail the island’s tour packages, which includes meals.

Open from 7:00 am til’ 5:00 pm every day from Sunday to Saturday. One can visit Crystal Cove island thru the available chartered sea transportation.

For the latest tour packages, booking and reservations, facilities, operating hours, promotion or discount codes, customer service contact telephone info, location information or directions to this island, you can visit their official web site by clicking HERE.


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