Cotivas Island in Caramoan

Cotivas Island Caramoan Camarines Sur Beach Peninsula Sand Tip Point Tide Resort Location Snorkeling Surf BoatThe Cotivas island is a small island between two larger islands at the northernmost part of the Caramoan peninsula. Cotivas Island is the most remote island among the islets of Caramoan in Camarines Sur. Notable for its golden sand beach tip and coconut trees that proliferate at the middle of the island. It is a usual beach stop for the island hopping itinerary due to its calm waves being protected by 2 larger islands on both of its sides and the huts that provide shelter. Because of its secluded location with very few local inhabitants, the island is extra peaceful and quiet. There are no infrastructures but only the sand, the beaches and the trees. It was all nature and yourself, which can make you feel like a castaway and totally withdrawn from the noise and stress of modern city life. Cotivas Island is perfect for beach bumming mainly because of its serene and concrete free infrastructures. During low tides, Cotivas Island is similar to a desert of fine white sandbars. It is as if you are within a paradise of endless skies, with clear ocean waters gently rushing to your feet and and green tropical island as a backdrop. It is truly an ideal place for relaxation and day dreaming.

As you approach the Cotivas Island, you will be welcomed by clear shallow waters which stretch off into the distance from surrounding shores. You will also see a strand of dreamy white sand. Its shores are lined with a few coconut palms. The obtrusive set of the cordoned wooden structures used in the reality TV series Survivor seemed to disturb the remote ambience of the island. Cotivas Island is one of the islands at the northernmost part the Caramoan peninsula and costs P2500 for a boat rental that can accommodate up to 6 passengers. To get to Cotivas Island, a two-hour boat ride is required from Sabang port, San Jose, Camarines Sur to Guijalo port. From the port, one can to Guijalo town proper then to Paniman, which is one of the jump-off sites for island hopping.

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