Coron Island

Coron IslandCoron Island is the third-largest island in the Calamian Islands. Located in Northern Palawan, the island is a wedge-shaped limestone island, with few of its coastal areas being covered by mangrove forests.

Coron Island has seven lakes, famous of which is the nationally-acclaimed cleanest lake in the Philippines, the Kayangan Lake. It also has a number of islands with white beaches and clear blue waters perfect for snorkeling, deepsea fishing and shipwreck diving. Coron Island is the ancestral domain of the Tagbanua indigenous tribe who are managing the island in a sustainable way. There are many beautiful beaches, mostly tiny and surrounded by large limestone cliffs and wildlife. Kayangan, Twin Lagoon and Barracuda Lakes are all stunning locations within Coron Island, and great for snorkeling.

The entire island and associated offshore waters have been designated as Ancestral Domain. Coron offers a variety of sporting and leisure activites and is popular for snorkeling and diving. There are islands with white sandy beaches, fresh water and tropical vegetation and fantastic coral reefs for diving

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