Colorado Falls in Tuba Benguet

Colorado Falls Tuba Benguet Twin Peaks Kennon Road Camp Six Baguio Waterfalls Stream Swimming Picnic LocationThe Colorado Falls is located in Tuba, Benguet. These falls are an emerging natural attraction found in barangay Twin Peaks. Located a short distance off Kennon Road in an area called Camp 6, these falls have been the favorite watering hole of Baguio residents for some time. Three giant falls drop into a natural pool almost ten feet at its deepest. This is a popular place for picnics and frequented by tourists. Driving along Kennon Road and into the Benguet Gate, Colorado Falls is just at the side road that not a lot of people notice. There’s a narrow, low-ceiling walkway getting to the falls. The basin, at its deepest, is about 10 feet and is suitable for swimming.

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