Cloud 9 Surfing in Siargao

Siargao SurfingCloud 9 is a surf break located on Siargao Island. This break is barreling right hander that is one of the most well-known breaks worldwide. A long jetty takes you right to this amazing break where thousands of spectators can watch the skills of the world’s top surfers during the International Surfing Competition that is held annually in September/October. There are several other excellence waves on Siargao and nearby islands, but Cloud 9 has received more publicity than any other wave in the area, indeed in the Philippines as a whole. It is the only wave in the area easy to get to without a boat, leading to overcrowding and the nickname of “Crowd 9” among surfers worldwide as keen foreign and locally owned accommodation and tourist facilities attempt to profit from the magazine publicity and the annual arrival of visitors drawn by the Siargao Cup competition in September.

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