Clark Parade Ground in Pampanga

Clark Parade Ground Pampanga Pati Aeta Gathering Point Venue Meeting Location Size Air Base American Cavalry Horses Regiment Camp Fort Stotensburg Military Reservation Yard Pasture Land History Info The Clark Parade Ground is one of the most frequented places in Clark often used as site for various sports tourism events, biking, jogging, and walking among others. Located in Pampanga Province, this area was called “Pati” by the Aetas and was then a treeless pastureland. In 1897, during the revolution against Spain, Kapampangan katipuneros used this area as a gathering point for staging attacks against Spanish detachments and patrols. Later a Spanish army outpost was established here but was abandoned in mid 1898 when the Spaniards were defeated by the Filipinos. During the Filipino-American war of 1899-1906, Filipino revolutionary guerillas used this same area to stage successful attacks against American soldiers. It was successfully used by Filipino attackers as a convenient escape route from American pursuers. To put an end to heavy losses on American lives and supplies, and provide a safe grazing land for cavalry horses, the U.S. 5th Cavalry Regiment established a camp here on November 1, 1902 and named it “Fort Stotensburg”. It was officially declared as a U. S. Military Reservation by President Theodore Roosevelt on September 1, 1903.

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