Clark Air Raid Bunker in Pampanga

Clark Air Raid Bunker Pampanga Kamikaze Tunnel Force Base American West Airfield Babang Dapu World War Commander Taimai Asaichi Japanese Imperial Navy History Description Construction Location Info The Clark Air Raid Bunker is a known kamikaze tunnel located in Clark, Pampanga. Situated at the northwest corner of the Kamikaze west airfield in a hill called “babang dapu” (meaning “crocodile jaw”) as named by the Aetas.This is the only known Kamikaze tunnel that remained intact after World War II. It was constructed quickly as an air raid bunker for Cmdr. Taimai Asaichi – commander of the 201st Air Group, 1st Air Fleet, Imperial Japanese Navy, the very first Kamikaze unit of World War Il. It was constructed in late October 1944 and provided protection for Cmdr. Tamai and some of his Kamikaze pilots during deadly U.S. air raids. A marker was installed by the Clark Development Corporation on September 1, 2002.

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