Church of Orani in Bataan

Church Orani Bataan Lady Holy Rosary Parish Building Construction History Location Bataan Province Independent Missionary Center Earthquake Damage Reconstruction Renovation Fire Schedule Wedding Info The Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Parish Church of Orani, simply known as the Church of Orani, is located in Orani, Bataan Province. Orani became an independent missionary center in 1714. The church and convent of Orani, repaired in 1792 and 1836, were badly damaged by an earthquake in September 1852. They were rebuilt and renovated under the supervision of Rev. Bartolome Alvarez del Manzano, O.P. in 1891. They were destroyed again by fire on March 16, 1938 which razed about three fourths of Orani including the town hall, the Tercena, former Bataan High School and later Orani Elementary School building. The church was reconstructed in September 1938.

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