Chowking Burnham Park Baguio

Chow King Restaurant Burnham Park near Burnham Lake Baguio

Baguio’s newest Chow King restaurant is located within walking distance to the city’s famous Burnham Lake

Chowking’s newest restaurant in Baguio is located next to Burnham Park. Whether its their Rice Meals, Noodles and Dimsum, or even their breakfast meals, customers familiar with this popular Chinese fast food eatery have a familiar place to dine in when they are near Burnham Lake in Baguio.

Chowking’s menu includes its selection of rice meals (Yang, Spicy, Beef, Chorizo or Pork), Lauriat meals (Chicken Supreme, Chinese Style Chicken, Orange Chicken), and their Breakfast Meals (Longaniza, Pork Tocino).

The address of this restaurant is Chanum Street, corner Lake Drive, Burnham Park, Baguio City, Benguet. For location, contact, nutrition, and complete menu information, you can visit their web site by clicking HERE.

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  • Shy Shy

    WORST SERVICE EVER. I was patiently waiting for our food but when i realized that the other people that sat down after us got their food first i was getting pissed. First of all they didnt have any food left to serve on their menu but i was ok with it but after almost an hour waiting and with everyone else getting their food before us we decided to leave because it was just not worth it. I already asked 2 staff about our order and none of them came back. NEVER AGAIN.