The Islanders Castle in San Jose

Islanders Castle San Jose Dinagat Mansion Residence Owner Governor Glenda Ecleo Location Size History Construction House Hill Barangay Visit Tour Guide Corruption Politics Layout Map Driveway Islanders Castle is located in San Jose in the Dinagat Islands Province. Islanders Castle sits on the top of the hills of San Jose. It is a mansion privately owned by Governor Glenda Ecleo. It is not open to the general public but they allow tourists to take pictures outside the gates of the Castle. Continue reading

The Quezon Memorial Park in Baler

Quezon Memorial Park Baler Aurora Location President Manuel Landmark Marker Replice House Casa Maestro Lucio Kilometer History Construction Visit Tour Guide Trees Lawn Walkway Barangay Province Size The Quezon Memorial Park is located in Baler in Aurora Province. The Quezon Memorial Park features trees and lawns and was developed in honor and in the memory of the late Philippine president Manuel Quezon. A marker fenced by concrete and set on a circular cement platform serves as a landmark of Baler, the birthplace of Quezon. A replica of the house where Quezon grew up could be found at Quezon Park (Casa de Maestro Lucio Quezon). The Quezon Memorial Park is within walking distance from the bus station at the Baler market. Continue reading

Yulo’s Park in Bacolod

Yulos Park Bacolod City Negros Occidental Location Ancestral Home House Don Alfredo Mayor Politicians History Construction Visit Tour Guide Description Architecture Center Social Recreation Province Yulo’s Park is located in Bacolod City in Negros Occidental Province. Yulo’s Park is the site of the ancestral home of the prominent Yulo family. The house was built in the early 1900’s and was the residence of Don Alfredo Yulo, the mayor of Bacolod City when World War II started. The Yulos is a clan of politicians who helped shape the structure of Negros Occidental – a premier province of the south. The park used to be the center for social and recreational affairs in Bacolod at the turn of the century. Continue reading

The Palina Rice Terraces in Kibungan

Palina Rice Terraces Kibungan Benguet Mount Kilkili Farm Location Harvest Season Water Irrigation Barangay Paulina Size History Construction Trade Granary Farmer Construction Tribe Visit Tour The Palina Rice Terraces are located in Kibungan in Benguet Province. The Palina Rice Terraces are more than a hundred years in age, and are located at the foot of Mount Kilkili, a dead volcano with the shape resembling Mount Mayon. The terraces are stone-walled and are located near the running water which serves as its primary water source. The terraces reflect the skills and industry of the community’s ancestors. The place can be reached for about 3 to 4 hours hike depending on what terraces one would visit. The Palina rice terraces are known as the municipality’s rice granary and are an existing man-made tourist attraction of the municipality of Kibungan. A road network links the area to the town proper and other barangays but public transport vehicles are limited.  Kibungan is located 62 kilometer (39 miles) north of Baguio City. Continue reading

The Fleur-de-Lis Hall in Dumaguete

Fleur-de-lis Hall Dumaguete Negros Oriental Saint Paul College Auditorium Building Theater Venue Schedule Show Calendar Event Location Layout Map Capacity Hours Contact Manager History Construction The Fleur-de-Lis Hall is located in Dumaguete in  Negros Oriental Province. The Fleur-de-Lis is a theater venue located on the campus of Saint Paul College in Dumaguete. Its auditorium is noted for its lavish productions, a trademark of all Saint Paul schools in the Philippines.

Dumaguete is located on Negros Island and is 640 kilometers southeast of Manila. Flight time between Manila and Dumaguete is one hour and 15 minutes. A ferry from Manila to Dumaguete will take 40 hours (1 day and 16 hours) via the Super Ferry. Continue reading

The San Sebastian Library of the Arts in Lipa

San Sebastian Library Arts Lipa City Batangas Location Building Exhibit Books Collection Display Collection History Culture Danilo Dolor Artifacts Construction Hours Memorabilia Entrance Fee The San Sebastian Library of the Arts is located in Lipa City in Batangas Province. The San Sebastian Library of the Arts opened its doors on February 10, 1996. It began with a modest collection of art books and memorabilia donated by Danilo Dolor, a prominent Batangueño and patron of the arts. Continue reading

The Baguio Tourism Complex

Baguio Tourism Complex Department Building Governor Pack Road Address Kilometer Session Road Office Hours Visit Map Guide Contact Telephone Number Sunshine Park Information Help Desk Brochure Advice The Baguio Tourism Complex is located in Baguio City in Benguet Province. The Baguio Tourism Complex is located in the Department of Tourism Complex located on Governor Pack Road, a ten minute walk away from Session Road. The office has maps of Baguio and should be able to give you general advice with regards to transport, accommodation and attractions. The office is open daily from 09:00 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 19:00. Phone: +63 74 442 6708. The Baguio Tourism Complex is near Sunshine Park. Continue reading

The Negros Oriental Provincial Capitol

Provincial Capitol Dumaguete Negros Oriental Location Building Province Administration History Construction Architecture Greek Columns Layout Map Visit Address Hall Aquino Freedom Park The Provincial Capitol in Dumaguete is located in Negros Oriental. Constructed in 1924, during the American colonization of the Philippines, the building was and inaugurated by Negros Oriental Governor Enrique Villanueva on 25 February 1925. The building is Grecian in character defined by tall Ionic columns. This classic building with its imposing façade faces the Aquino Freedom Park. During this period of American occupation the colonizers hired the services of city planner and architect Daniel Hudson Burnham to design the new provincial capitol.  Before it was located in what is now the Serafin Teves residence at the Rizal Boulevard.

The Grecian style dominated American architecture during this period.  It was the first truly Continue reading

The Gaston Mansion in Manapla

Gaston Mansion Rosalia Manapla Negros Occidental House Hacienda Colonial American Architecture Yves Leopold Germaine Vintage Layout Location Size Ancestral Home Family History Description Street The Gaston Mansion is located in Rosalia, Manapla in Negros Occidental Province. The ancestral home of the Gastons stands in the middle of the family farm at Hacienda Rosalia, and is near the ocean. This house of early American colonial architecture and was home to one of the first Frenchmen to settle in Negros – Yves Leopold Germaine Gaston. At the back of the house one can find a vintage iron mill ran by steam in the production of sugar at the turn of the century. Manapla is approximately 55 minutes’ drive from Bacolod City by private car and over an hour by public utility vehicles that take off from Bacolod North Terminal. Air conditioned and non-airconditioned taxis, vans and buses for hire are also available from Bacolod. Continue reading

The San Roque Dam in Itogon

San Roque Dam Itogon Benguet Dalupirip Location Boating Fishing Height Length River Valley Floor Meters Distance Water Power Facility History Construction Flow Creek The San Roque Dam is located in Itogon in Benguet Province. Aside from its scenic view from a number of angles within the municipality, the tail end at the Dalupirip area is also ideal for boating and fishing. San Roque Dam’s height measures 200 meters above the existing river valley floor. The Dam’s length is 1,130 meters. The San Roque Dam is an existing man-made attraction of the municipality of Itogon. To go there, take the route to Tinongdan and Dalupirip. Alternatively, it can be reached via San Manuel Pangasinan. Itogon is located on the southeast end of Benguet Province and is next to the communities of Baguio City, Tuba, La Trinidad, Tublay, Bokod, Kayapa, Santa Fe, San Manuel, San Nicolas, and Sison. Continue reading