The Matalang-talang Marine Sanctuary in Aroroy

Matalang-talang Marine Protected Area Aroroy Masbate Fishing Reserve Sanctuary Fish Aquatic Reef Rangers Snorkeling Scuba Diving Swimming Underwater Aquatic Wildlife Location Depth Size Coral Tour The Matalang-talang Marine Protected Area is located in Aroroy in Masbate Province. The Matalang-talang reserve is being cared for by a group of fishing enthusiasts who take turns patrolling and monitoring the well defined boundaries of the fish sanctuary. Trained as Reef Rangers these fisher folks facilitate snorkeling activities to visitors who wish to enjoy the wonders of the underwater environment. Continue reading

Pinnacle Point in Big Ligid Island

Pinnacle Point Big Ligid Island Samal Dive Spot Location Depth Scuba Diving Gorgonian Crinoids Butterfly Fish Water Swimming Currents Tide Report Octopus Cave Aquatic Wildlife Tour Visit Padi Info Pinnacle Point is located on Big Ligid Island in Samal. This site is located in the southeastern tip of Big Ligid. The wall has a marvelous outcropping of gorgonians, many with crinoids clinging to them, we encountered morays and an octopus hiding in a few of the many small holes, and many big eyes and cardinalfish in the larger ones. Divers will also encounter Schools of pennant butterflyfish and schools of unicorn surgeonfish, emperorfishes and jacks. Variety of corals with different colors can be found here such as pink soft corals. In the protected areas of this site, large gorgonians, black corals, lots of anthias and tubastrea, angelfish, scorpionfish, lionfish and many invertebrates can be found. Pinnancle Point is located in the northeast of Sam. The caves have beautiful and marvelous coral gardens and gorgonians. Exotic tropical fishes can be Continue reading

The Ligid Caves in Samal

Ligid Caves Samal Diving Spot Big Island Underwater Marine Life Location Coordinates Depth Scuba Dive Coral Reef Hydroid Basket Stars Drop Entrance Tropical Black Soft Sponge Crabs Tunicates Scorpion

The Ligid Caves are located in the northeast tip of Samal, on Big Ligid Island. The Ligid Caves reveals the marvelous underwater marine life. Fine golden sea cucumbers are densely littering the reef amid a rainbow of soft corals, hydroids and basket stars. The slender reef top, covered with leather corals, drops sharply at about 15m. In the caves, divers will see small tropical small reefs black corals, soft corals and sponge crabs. Outside the caves, you will encounter several marine life such as crabs, tunicates, scorpion and lionfishes, sleeping parrot and rabbit fishes, morays and razorfishes hovering vertically in a harp gorgonian. Continue reading

Kinilaw na Tuna

Kinilaw na Tuna or raw fish salad is an appetizer dish that is usually consumed as “pulutan”; it is best served along with cold beer. This recipe does not involve any manual cooking but the tuna meat is semi-cooked once served. This is made possible by the acids in the vinegar (acetic acid) and calamansi or lemon juice (citric acid). These mild acids slowly cook the fish meat when soaked for a few hours. Continue reading

Halea National Park in Masbate

Halea National Park Ticao Island Masbate Resort Beach Mantra Rays Aquatic Wildlife Snorkeling Scubba Diving Location Swimming Tour Guide Boat Rental Sand Blue Water Location History Depth Hotel Info The Halea National Park is located on Ticao Island in Masbate Province. Halea National Park in Ticao Island is one of the precious jewels in Masbate that you would just want to keep to yourself forever. Halea National Park boasts of its giant Mantra Rays, numerous, diverse aquatic wildlife and its very laid-back, secluded and lovely scenery. Because of the protection it gets, the area has maintained its beauty drawing tourists from all over the globe to experience its wonders. Continue reading

Sipaka Point in Talisayan

Sipaka Point Talisayan Misamis Oriental Dive Spot Swimming Location Undersea Current Tide Surf Report Scuba Diving Depth Water Marine Ecosystem Marine Underwater Garden Coral Stingray Snapper Fish Sipaka Point is a dive spot located in Talisayan in Misamis Oriental Province. Known for its strong undersea current, the spot is good for more experienced divers. The natural current feeds the marine ecosystem resulting to a majestic underwater garden. Huge sea fans, basket sponges, hard and soft corals and feather stars abound in this area as well as stringrays, snappers, groupers, and colorful small fishes. With white sandy bed in a gradually sloping bottom, Sipaka point is an ideal site for students and divers of all levels, and a great site for macro and and wide-angle photography. Continue reading

The Polilio Coral Reef in Quezon

Polilio Coral Reef Polillo Island Quezon location beach town length kilometers resort distance snorkeling scuba diving tide surf boat ride depth swimming water sand visit tour guide cave entrance info Polilio Island is located on the northeastern side of Quezon Province. Located just before the entrance to the cave of Polillo town, Polilio Coral Reef has a length of about five kilometers and a width of about two kilometers. It is also a good spot for snorkeling and diving. Some parts are so shallow that any type of ship and banca will have to make a detour to avoid the reef area. Some parts have so-called walls which are more than a hundred feet deep. Continue reading

The Secret Lagoon in El Nido

Secret Lagoon El Nido Palawan Limestone Karst Cliff Walls Location Entrance Swimming Small Hole Hidden Pristine White Sand Beach Water Depth Snorkeling Tour Guide Fee Pictures Rock Jagged Resort Secret Lagoon is surrounded by limestone karst cliffs in El Nido, Palawan. This lagoon is called secret because people are unable to see the lagoon unless they enter a small hole. This hidden lagoon is within an island with a pristine white beach and crystal clear water. You go there to enjoy the view from the beach, the beach itself and to explore the Secret Lagoon. As you enter into a small hole, you will see a massive caldera that was once a cave which collapsed and now is surrounded by karst cliffs. In the middle is a lagoon. Continue reading

Talisayan Shoal in Misamis Oriental

Talisayan Shoal Misamis Oriental Province Town Mantangale Alibuag Dive Resort Balingoan Coral Gardens Fish Diving Spot Scuba Snorkeling Fish Depth Seashell Dive Swimming Tour Guide Beach Water Depth Talisayan Shoal is a diving spot located in Misamis Oriental province. The Talisayan Shoal fronts the town of Talisayan. It takes only about ten minutes to get there from the Mantangale Alibuag Dive Resort in Balingoan. The shallow part of the shoalis a coral garden with damsels and clowns, dome and disk corals, coleman shrimps, parrotfishes, wrasses and angelfishes.Turtles are often seen here as well as other pelagic fishes. The coastal town of Talisayan is located about 85 kilometers away from Cagayan de Oro City and 120 kilometers from Butuan City. Continue reading

Subic Bay Scuba Diving

Subic Bay Scuba Diving Shipwrecks Site Location World War Uss New York United States Cruiser Japanese Many places around the world brag at having three or four shipwrecks within an hour from their centers. Subic Bay has about a dozen, plus more for the technical divers, within ten munutes. The ships are mostly from WWII. Near the northern end of the airport is The USS New York the United States Navy’s first armor cruiser seeing service from the Spanish American war. Inactive at the outbreak of WWII she was scuttled to prevent her being captured and repaired. Nearby her are two Japanese ships sunk during the war. In a cove near the southern end of the airport is a small Japanese patrol boat also sunk during the war. Near her are two small US ships sunk by storms after the war. Outside of the cove is an LST. Near her is another storm casualty a US freighter and there is a Spanish gun boat from the Spanish American war. Subic Bay does not have the crystal clear waters of most other Continue reading