The Ang Panublion Museum in Roxas

Ang Panublion Museum Hughes Street Roxas City Capiz Location Water Tank Building Exhibit Construction Collection Display Collection History Culture Artifacts Hours Bidjo Memorabilia Entrance Fee The Ang Panublion Museum is located in Roxas City in Capiz Province. Also known as the Roxas City Museum, Ang Panublion was originally built as a water tank in 1910. The Panublion Museum now refills the water tank with Capiz history, culture and arts. It houses exhibitions, conducts Think Tank Talks, Creativity Labs, and Bidjo sa Sabado. The Panublion’s program is guided by the UCFI-ONE Capiz work plan for tourism, education, culture and arts. Its objective is to establish Capiz as an Eco-Cultural Tourism Hub in Central Visayas. As Such, the museum will not only serve a repository of cultural/historical memorabilia and artefacts, but will serve as the venue where Capizeños bring their artestry into the light where it can blossom and shed its radiance. The Ang Panublion Museum is located on Hughes Street Continue reading

The Boac Museum in Marinduque

Boac Museum Marinduque Location Building Exhibit Collection Display Collection History Ceramic Gaspar Building Contact Manager Island Swatow Culture Artifacts Hours Memorabilia Entrance Fee The Boac Museum is located in Boac City in Marinduque Province. The Boac Museum features the archeological, ethnographic, geological and historical materials reflecting the culture of Marinduque. In the underwater archeology section there are samples of tradeware ceramics retrieved from Gaspar island. These ceramics are of Swatow type dating to the Ming Period during the reign of Emperor Wan Li (1573 to 1620). Boac is the capital of the island province of Marinduque. It is located 155 kilometers southeast of Manila. To get to Boac from Manila, take a JAC, Jam, Tritran, Lucena Lines or South Star Bus and take the Manila to Lucena Route. Specifically, choose buses that will take you to the Talao-Talao Pier in Lucena City. From the Talao-Talao Pier, passengers bound for Mogpog, Boac, Gasan or Buenavista must choose Balanacan Pier while Continue reading

Museo de Catanduanes in Virac

Museo Catanduanes Santa Elena Virac Catanduanes Fossil Hamujong Trumpet Tourism Office Location Building Exhibit Collection Display Collection History Culture Artifacts Hours Memorabilia Entrance Fee The Museo de Catanduanes is located in Santa Elena, Virac in Catanduanes Province. The Museo de Catanduanes is a one-stop shop showcasing the islands culture and history. A repository of the island’s historical and material cultural heritage, it houses several artefacts, most note-worthy of which are the Fossils of Hamujong or Trumpet shells. Found in the rocky cliffs of Virac, Japanese anthropologist declared it a rare find. Clothing and former dress of religious icons also grace the museum, as well as ancient household articles of the native Catandunganons. Located in the same building as the Tourism Office, it is a treasure trove of information about Catanduanes. Continue reading

The Cata-al War Museum in Valencia

Cata-al War Memorabilia Museum Valencia Negros Oriental world japanese bomb grenade artillery location Building exhibit collection display collection history culture artifacts hours entrance fee info The Cata-al War Memorabilia Museum is located in Valencia in Negros Oriental Province. The Cata-al War Memorabilia Museum is housed in a private residence on the outskirts of town and has a collection of relics from the Philippine campaign of World War II. Most of the relics were collected by the owner, Porforio Cata-an in the area of Mount Talinis, where approximately 10,000 Japanese soldiers died during the bombing campaign. Continue reading

Kabayan Museum in Benguet

Kabayan Museum in Kabayan BenguetThe Kabayan Museum is located in Kabayan in Benguet Province. The Kabayan Museum was established to protect and care the Kabayan Mummy Caves in the province. Mummy Caves are one of the country’s national cultural treasures. It is a burial caves that holds mummies sited in Kabayan especially in the Timbac Caves. The building is placed in a lot donated by citizens who value the culture of the Ibaloi and the Kankanaey. It is a one-story building and a basement builds in a 500-sq. meter lot in 1989. Also kept here are ethnographical, ecological and geological collections including artifacts and other relics of the Kabayan Mummies. The Kabayan Museum provides the visitor a better understanding of the culture and traditions of the natives of the place. Kabayan is located on the eastern part of Benguet Province. Kabayan Continue reading

The Reyes Museum in General Trias

Geronimo Los Reyes Jr Museum General Trias Cavite Location Building Photographs Gallery Exhibit Pottery Display Porcelain Collection Gateway Property Holdings Industrial Estate Jalavera Business Park The Geronimo de los Reyes Jr Museum is located in General Trias in Cavite Province. The Reyes Museum houses the vast photographic collection of Geronimo de los Reyes, Jr. His collection captures the history and culture of the Philippines, and includes photographic works from the 1880s to the 1930s. One of them is the original picture of the execution of Dr Jose Rizal at the Luneta. In addition to the photographs, other items on exhibit is the collection of pottery and porcelain ware dating back to the Ming and Sung periods. Geronimo de los Reyes Jr. is the chairman and president of Gateway Property Holdings, which owns the 174-hectare industrial estate in Brgy. Jalavera, Gen. Trias, Cavite. Continue reading

The Aga Khan Museum in Marawi

Aga Khan Museum Mindanao State University Marawi City Lanao Del Sur Location Muslim Collection Exhibit Display Building History Construction Culture History Values Arts Hours Open Mosque Artifacts The Aga Khan Museum is located at the Mindanao State University in Marawi City in Lanao del Sur Province. The University Museum was opened on June 13, 1962 as a one-room affair by Dr. Mamitua Saber. Known today as the Aga Khan Museum, it has the biggest Philippine Muslim collection in the country. It is named after His Royal Highness, Prince Karim Aga Khan IV, whose donation made the construction of the building possible. The Museum was inaugurated on March 23, 1969. The museum has a mandate to collect and preserve folk artwork specimens and artifacts of the Muslim people and other native minorities; organize a systematic collection that could be useful to scholars, researchers of Philippine Muslim culture; promote research in and to provide assistance to the revival and restoring of folk Continue reading

The Sorsogon Museum and Heritage Center

Sorsogon Museum Heritage Center City Location Provincial Hospital Compound Galleries Posters Tourism Pottery Photographs Donsol Whale Shark Backbone Exhibit Display Collection Office Hours Rizal Info The Sorsogon Museum and Heritage Center is located in Sorsogon City in Sorsogon Province. The Sorsogon Museum is located in the old provincial hospital compound. The museum has 3 galleries located in different rooms. One gallery contains posters of each of the towns in the province, and what they are to offer. There are also pottery, photographs, and even a model of a Donsol Whale Shark in the museum. The shark’s 10-meter backbone is considered the focal piece. The Sorsogon Heritage Center is located on Rizal Street. Their telephone contact number is (056) 211-1573. Continue reading

The Samar Archeological and Cultural Museum

Samar Archeological Cultural Museum Calbayog Building Location Christ King College Campus Collection Artifacts Display Exhibit Contact Manager Cantius Kobak Franciscan Friar Burial Jars Porcelain Info The Samar Archeological and Cultural Museum is located in Calbayog City in Samar Province. The museum, formerly known as Samar Archeological Museum, is located at the Christ the King College campus. This is the first and only archeological museum in Samar. It opened on April 11, 1970 as a repository of artifacts collected from various places in Samar Island. Its new name pays tribute to the late Fr. Cantius Kobak, ofm the Franciscan friar who took the initiative to open this museum and is acknowledged as “The Historian of Samar“. The present holdings of the museum include burial jars, Chinese porcelain, log coffins with skeletal remains, religious items, among others. The museum’s main attraction is the so-called “dragon jar”—a massive jar etched with the image of a dragon. Carbon dating tests found the jar, originally from China, to be over Continue reading

Museo ning Angeles in Pampanga

Museo Ning Angeles Angeles City Pampanga Museum Location History Municipio Town Hall Casa Tribunal History Culture Display Exhibit Artifacts Collection Building Address Contact Manager Telephone Info Museo ning Angeles is located in the Heritage District of Angeles City in Pampanga Province. Also known as the Angeles City Museum, Museo ning Angeles was built in 1922 and served as the Municipio or town hall; it replaced the former La Casa Tribunal built during the construction boom of 1840.  Museo ning Angeles is a priceless asset., vintage circa 1920, the building is a museum piece by itself , located at the prime Sto. Rosario Historic District across the Holy Rosary Cathedral. This edifice was constructed in 1922 and served as the “ MUNICIPIO” or Town Hall. The original Town Hall was constructed in 1840, then known as “LA CASA TRIBUNAL” and was a typical “BAHAY NA BATO” with a thatched roof. Its location was about 20 yards to the south of the present structure since the present site was the town Continue reading