Pamana Island in Subic Bay

Pamana Island Subic Bay Zambales Sneak Naval Base Resort Facilities Accomodation Fishing Waves Isla Pequena Coves Mountain Beaches Hotel Volleyball Rollerblading Soccer Tennis Billiards Frisbee Darts Pamana Island is located in Subic Bay, in Zambales Province. Formerly called Sneak Island during the time of Subic Naval Base, the island also home to a resort with first class amenities & accommodation. This island used to be a haven for fishermen to escape the giant waves during stormy weathers,which must be the reason why it is known to locals as the Sneak Island. Today, Isla Pequena offers its coves, mountains & beaches as solace & base for guests of the Pamana Island Resort. Many rooms have pool & sea views. On-site island recreation includes beach volleyball, roller blading, table soccer, table tennis, billiards, frisbee, darts, mahjong, badminton, and needless to say, water sports activities. Continue reading

The Polilio Coral Reef in Quezon

Polilio Coral Reef Polillo Island Quezon location beach town length kilometers resort distance snorkeling scuba diving tide surf boat ride depth swimming water sand visit tour guide cave entrance info Polilio Island is located on the northeastern side of Quezon Province. Located just before the entrance to the cave of Polillo town, Polilio Coral Reef has a length of about five kilometers and a width of about two kilometers. It is also a good spot for snorkeling and diving. Some parts are so shallow that any type of ship and banca will have to make a detour to avoid the reef area. Some parts have so-called walls which are more than a hundred feet deep. Continue reading

Isla de Gigantes in Iloilo

Isla Gigantes Iloilo Carles Estancia Island Norte Sur Giant Balbagon Cabugao Daku Gamay Waydahon Bantique Bulubadiang Gigantillo Gigantona Ojatras Gakitgakit Sabuluag Location Coffin Cave Beach Resort Isla de Gigantes is located 18 kilometers off the coast of Carles and Estancia of Iloilo Province. Isla de Gigantes it is divided into two groups: Gigantes Norte and Gigantes Sur, and is composed of 10 islands: Balbagon, Cabugao Daku, Cabugao Gamay, Waydahon, Bantigue, Bulubadiang, Gigantillo, Gigantona, Ojatras and Gakitgakit Island. Isla de Gigantes was once called Sabuluag, but during the Spanish era, legends say that coffins found inside the caves contained giant bone set, that’s why the name of the island was changed to Islas de Gigantes. Today, giants are nowhere to be seen in the place. All that is left is a pristine beaches and interesting system of caves. The most famous part of Isla de Gigantes is the Tangke Salt Water Lagoon, a natural salt water pool, surrounded by steep rock formation. Just don’t be loud when Continue reading

Dako Island in Siargao

Dako Island Siargao Beach General Luna Visayan Resort Norte Resort Tour Guide Swimming Snorkeling Scuba Diving Tour Guide Schedule Sand Shoreline Fishing Picnic Visit History Destination Hotel Info Dako Island is located in Siargao. It is one of the finest best beaches in the Philippines and the largest amont the three other destinations in the area (Naked Island and Guyam Island). In Gen. Luna, Siargao, “Dako” is derived from the Visayan word for “Big”. The island found in the province of Surigao del Norte, Philippines is also home to beautiful sceneries perfect for a day off from chasing swells. Think clean torquoise waters, cream fine sand, wide quiet shoreline, delicious grilled mahi mahi, and fantastic sun. Continue reading

Stingray Islet in the Dinagat Islands

Stingray Islet San Jose Dinagat Islands shape rock formation tour guide location beach canoe boat rental yawe pawikan turtle pagi sand history discovery transport hiking snorkeling scuba diving info Stingray Islet is located in San Jose, in Dinagat. An aerial observation of the island shows the stingray shap of the rock formation jutting from the water. This cute islet is one of the natural wave breakers of San Jose. Stingray Islet can be reached through canoeing or boat ride in five to ten minutes. There are some local version of this islet’s name: “yawe” key, “pawikan” turtle, and “pagi” stingray. Continue reading

Maripipi Island in Biliran

Maripipi Island Biliran Isla Rosa Rosette Luzon Visayas Commerce Strategic Location Size Beach Coast Description Channel Transportation Motorcycle Habal Naval Port Tour Guide Resort Fishing Swimming Maripipi Island, also known as Isla Rosa, or Rosette Island, is an island and the smallest municipality of Biliran Province. Maripipi was a vital link for the Luzon-Visayas commerce for its strategic location during the Spanish times. It was as they say where the Spanish galleons set ahoy. The island has a coastal circumference of twenty-four kilometers. It is separated from the mainland by a channel. There are no tricycles or jeepneys on Maripipi Island, but you can get around by hiring a motorcycle for about P400. In order to get to Maripipi Island, you must first travel to Naval, the capital city of Biliran. Naval can be reached by van from Tacloban or Ormoc in Leyte. Three daily ferry boats (large outrigger boats) leave for Maripipi Island from Naval port in Biliran. Continue reading

Aling Cayao Island Agusan del Norte

Aling Cayao Island Claver Agusan Norte Mining Town Deep Blue Sea Southern Coral Beach White Sand Resort Tour Guide Boat Rental Swimming Snorkeling Scuba Diving Surfing Water History Location Fishing Aling Cayao Island is located 21 kilometers away from the mining town of Claver in Agusan del Norte province. Aling Cayao Island stands in the deep blue seas like a sentinel in the southern portion of the province. The corals are well-preserved and the beach is pristine white. Aling Cayao can be reached by boat from Claver. Continue reading

Batan Island

Batan Island Batanes Basco Ivana Uyugan Mahatao Location Capital Population Beach Port Airport Center Province Size Length Distance History Fishing Weather Resort Boat Road Visit Hills Tunnel Church Batan Island is the largest and most populated island of Batanes Province. It is composed of four municipalities namely Basco, Ivana, Uyugan and Mahatao. Its capital Basco, is located on the northern part of the island, and is the center of commerce and seat of the provincial government. What sets Batanes apart, even in the Philippines, are its Ivatan inhabitants, members of a distinct ethnic group with hazy origins and its own language. They have for centuries eked out a living here from fishing and yam farming and withstood centuries of ferocious typhoons with equal parts grit and grace. Places to visit on Batan Island include the Valugan Boulder Beach, the Nakamaya Burial Grounds, the Dipnaysupuan Japanese Tunnel, Fundacion Pacita, the Pagasa Weather Station, Tukon Church, Vayang Rolling Hills, Chadpidan Boulder Beach, and the Naidi Hills. Continue reading

Talim Island in Rizal

Talim Island Binangonan Rizal Coastal Town Beach Laguna Bay Freshwater Fishing Mount Tagapo Hiking Village Location History Resort Boat Rental Swimming Pictures Population Beaches Surf Tide Industry Talim Island is located in Binangonan in Rizal Province. It is the island where 17 coastal barangays of the municipality of Binangonan are located. They are situated along the shores of Laguna de Bay where traditional fresh water fishing is a thriving industry. Mount Tagapo is a popular hiking destination on on Talim Island, and at an elevation of 1,437 feet, is the highest mountain on the island. Talim Island was featured in Ishmael Bernal’s 1976 film Nunal sa Tubig (Mole in the Water), a dystopian vision of the island which tackles how fisherfolk are affected by progress and pollution from nearby industries. Continue reading

Aniao Islets in Aurora

Aniao Islets Zabali Baler Aurora Rock Islands Digisit Bay Formation Volcanic Wave Water Pebble Beach Dimadimalangat Swimming Tour Guide History Surfing Swimming Fishing Resort Distance Boat View Info The Aniao Islets are located off the coast of Barangay Zabali of Baler, Aurora Province. The Aniao Islets are two small but imposing islands situated south of the islet of Dimadimalangat and near the shores of Digisit Bay. The Aniao rock formations jut straight from the sea like bullets, with shrubs, small trees and other greenery growing on top surfaces. Kingfishers, gulls and hawks use these islets as lookout points for fish. Towering waves relentlessly pound the base of the formations, challenging even the most intrepid of rock climbers. There is a short stretch of cream sand beach on one side and a couple of low rock formations scattered around the area. To get to the Aniao Islets, take a tricycle from Baler town proper to the river outlet south of Sabang Beach. From there, hire a motorized banca which can take you to the area. It takes five Continue reading