Oasis Islet in Dinagat

Oasis Islet Dinagat Islands Limestone Water Beach Resort Ocean Location Paradise Cove Swimming Snorkeling Scuba Diving Surf Tide Hotel Tour Guide Visit Sand History Barangay Boat Distance Sports Oasis Islet is located in the Dinagat Islands Province. Oasis Islet is located where towering limestones surrounded by emerald green to bluish green waters are scattered on the sea. There are many uninhabited islands with paradise-like beaches partially enclosed by coves of all sizes. You’ll never run out of secluded spots to hang out, swim and snorkel. Area wise, Oasis Islet is small in size; It will take less than a minute to circle around this tiny piece of land, but the priceless views of nature visible from here are definitely worth the stop. Continue reading

The Palad Sandbar in Santa Cruz

Palad Sand Bar Santa Cruz Marinduque Maniwaya Island Beach Location Water Sand Resort Surf Tide Sports Snorkeling Depth Scuba Diving Hotel Location Distance Boat Tour Guide Barangay Visit Fishing The Palad Sand Bar is located in Santa Cruz in Marinduque Province. The Palad Sand Bar is located near Maniwaya Island. Relatively small in size, the Palad sandbar features semi-fine white sand, and a mixture of crush coral small rocks. The sandbar only appears during low tide, so plan your visit and aquatic excursions according. During high tides, the sand bar is not visible. When the patch of sand appears during low tide, it is surrounded by clear, shallow water suitable for splashing around, swimming and snorkeling. Continue reading

Balot Island in Kalamansig

Balot Island Kalamansig Sultan Kudarat Donauang Balut Size Location Celebes Sea Beach Water Resort Tour Guide Boat Visit Marine Protected Area Barangay Snorkeling Scuba Diving Rock Formation Info Balot Island is located in Kalamansig in Sultan Kudarat Province. Balot Island, also known as Donauang Island and Balut Island, is a sparsely inhabited island facing the Celebes Sea. The island  boasts of fresh sea breeze, calm turquoise waters, pristine white sand beaches, satisfying every real beach lover’s dream. Balot is one of the six islets in Barangay Paril in Kalamansig and is part of the Paril-Sangay Marine Protected Area. To get to Balut Island, hire the daily boat from Kalamansig for P40 to Barangay Paril. The one-hour boat ride from the poblacion to Balut Island offers a breathtaking view of the coastal villages of the town where rock formations and cliffs abound with greeneries. The town is about four hours away from Cotabato City, the closest urban center. Continue reading

Raza Island in Surigao

Raza Island Surigao Del Norte Notoc Coast Location Beach Size Distance Resort Tour Guide Boat Rental Swimming Surf Report Tide Snorkeling Scuba Diving Seashells Sand History Length Layout Map Info Raza Island is located near Notoc, off the coast of Surigao City, in Surigao del Norte Province. Raza Island is an undeveloped developed island with very little facilities. The island offers visitors a perfect escape if the bustle of the other developed regions of the Philippines. A unique phenomenon about Raza Island is that the surf tide reverses every three to six hours. One can experience a low tide at one end of the island and the high tide at the other end. It is common to see people picking up sea shells at one end and then continuing the task at the opposite end when the tides reverse. Continue reading

Tres Reyes Islands in Marinduque

Tres Reyes Islands Marinduque Location Three Kings Melchor Gaspar Baltazar Caves History Marine Reserve Beach Tour Guide Boat Rental Gasan Snorkeling Scuba Diving Swimming Water Resort Visit Info The Tres Reyes Islands are located in Marinduque Province. The islands were named after the three Biblical kings, Melchor, Gaspar & Baltazar, known in English as the “Three Kings”. The biggest island is Gaspar and there exist caves where various artifacts including pre-colonial gold ornaments have been found and the caves were also believed to have been used as burial sites of pre-colonial Filipinos. The island of Gaspar is also a marine reserve and marine archaeological excavations have also been conducted off the coast of the island. Tres Reyes Islands can be reached via a bangka ride from Gasan, and are good destinations for swimming, sunbathing and snorkeling. The only dive shop in Marinduque, operated by dive master Freedom Dellosa, has its office near the coast. Renting the whole bangka to visit one of these islands for a day trip costs Continue reading

Palumbanes Island in Catanduanes

Palumbanes Island Catanduanes Coastal Village Caramoran Province Location Barangay Resort Beach Bitaoag Distance Swimming Snorkeling Scuba Diving History Size Description Electricity Visit Tour Guide Palumbanes Island is a coastal village island located 13 kilometers away from the shores of Caramoran, in Catanduanes Province. Locally known as Porompong, Palumbanes Island is located in the northern part of Catanduanes. Very little infrastructure exists on the island, and electricity is scarce. A popular destination is Bitaoag Beach on the island, which can be reached via a one hour hike or a 15-minute boat ride.

To get to the Palumbanes Islands, take a direct flight to Virac, Catanduanes from Manila. When in Virac, take a five-hour bus up to Caramoran. From there you will need to hire a local boat to take you to barangay Baybay. It costs approximately P300 each way per Continue reading

Dalutan Island in Almeria

Dalutan Island Almeria Biliran White Sand Beach Resort Snorkeling Location Scuba Diving Boat Ride Rental Tour Guide Map Hotel Water Swimming History Trees Rockky Terrain Kilometer Agta Fare Info Dalutan Island is located in Almeria on Biliran Island. Dalutan is a thin strip of pristine white sand beach is shaded by overhanging trees, and on the other part of the island is rocky terrain. Sheltered from the open sea, it is great for snorkeling and diving, with a spectacular view of nearby islands. Dalutan Island is about 20 minutes boat ride away from the Agta Beach Resort in Almeria. The fare is P700 Continue reading

The Minasawa Bird Sanctuary in Burdeos

Minasawa Bird Sanctuary in Burdeos QuezonThe Minasawa Bird Sanctuary is located in Burdeos on Polillo Island in Quezon Province. Polillo Island is just off the town of Jomalig but still part of Burdeos. The 4 1/2 hectare island was established as a sanctuary by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to protect the bird population in the area. The Minasawa Game Refuge and Bird Sanctuary is home to five species of birds: the Nutmeg Imperial Pigeon, the Black Naped Oriole, the Rufus Night Heron, the Amusling, and the Swifts species. There are no cottages or tourist facilities on the island so it is also advisable to bring your own food, picnic mats, and even a tent if you choose to stay overnight on the island. The beach of Polillo features pebbles and small gravel rocks, a contrast from the white powdery sand found in beaches in other parts of the Philippines. Continue reading

Capinahan Island in Biliran

Capinahan Island Almeria Biliran Location Coast Beach Resort Distance Barangay Talahid Water Swimming Snorkeling Hotel Scuba Diving Park Agta Beach Pump Boat Rental Tour Guide History Sand Shops Info Capinahan Island is located off the coast of Almeria, Biliran Island. Capinahan Island is one of the three islands situated off the west coast of Biliran. Located approximately ten minutes away from Barangay Talahid, Almeria, boasts of crystal clear waters and white sand beach. The place is perfect for diving, snorkeling, swimming, or merely lying on the shore beneath the shades of the trees and breathing its fresh sea breeze and the sweet scent of nature. Untouched by modern civilization, nature lovers will surely be awed by the island’s beauty and wonder. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes by pump boat from Agta Beach or Almeria town. Continue reading

San Victor Island in Baganga

San Victor Island Baganga Davao Oriental Location Beach White Sand Coconut Grove Province Barangay Diocese Mati Catholic Parish Tour Guide Visit Resort Davao Kilometer Boat Rental Map Layout Water San Victor Island is located in Baganga in Davao Oriental Province. This 3 hectares island faces the Pacific Ocean and has powder-like white sand beaches and lofty coconut grove. San Victor Island is a perfect place for summer outings and getaways. San Victor Island is owned by the Diocese of Mati and managed by the Catholic Parish of Baganga. It is open to visitors and tourists who want to experience extraordinary encounter with nature and the tranquility of the surroundings. It is not commercially developed but it has cottages for rent, nipa huts to stay and manicured lawn for camping available whether for day tour or for overnight stay. And yes, there is electricity and fresh water. Continue reading