Mount Gedgedayan in Bakun

Mount Gedgedayan Bakun Benguet Crying Mountain Location Mountain Elevation Hiking Trail Summit Map Layout Distance Height Difficulty Trekking Climb Barangay Kilometer Cave Cave Camping History Facade Mount Gedgedayan is located in Bakun in Benguet Province. Nicknamed the Crying Mountain, Mount Gedgedayan offers a panoramic view of Mount Kabunian including other picturesque mountains of the municipality. This mountain is remarkable because of its multi-faceted structure and sleeping beuty shape formations. The rocky façade of Mount Gedgedayan resembles the carved faces of Mount Rushmore in the United States. This mountain is also a perfect venue for sightseeing and camping. Due to its undisturbed nature, it has became a dwelling place for several species of wild animals. Mount Gedgedayan is a potential natural attraction found in Bakun. Continue reading

Mount Makaturing in Butig

Mount Makaturing Butig Lanao Del Sur Stratovolcano Volcano Mindanao Location Mountain Elevation Hiking Trail Summit Map Layout Distance Height Difficulty Trekking Climb Barangay Kilometer Cave Mount Makaturing is located in Butig in Lanao del Sur Province. Mount Makaturing is a stratovolcano; it has a conical shape built from overlapping layers of volcanic ash, lava and pumice. Mount Makaturing is part of the Central Mindanao arc of volcanoes. With an elevation of 1,940 meters, it might not be one the highest peaks in the Philippines but it’s still worth exploring, especially if you’re interested in volcanoes or just want to take a refreshing and invigorating hike. Experts can’t really confirm exactly how many times Makaturing has erupted, but it’s worth noting that it’s considered to be a dormant but still highly active volcano. Continue reading

The Cueva Santa Cave in Atimonan

Cueva Santa Cave Quezon National Park Barangay Malinao Ilaya Atimonan Quezon Location Entrance Cavern Size Hiking Trail Depth Distance Difficulty Visit Tour Guide Stalactite Length Stalagmite Map The Cueva Santa Cave is located at the at Quezon National Forest Park. Situated in Barangay Malinao Ilaya in Atimonan, the cave illustrates a number of stages of the earths evolutionary history and contains on-going geological processes. It has vast network of narrow horizontal passages and vertical shafts. Given the proper study, the caves huge and complex network of cave passages can provide a clear, complete and accessible record of Atimonans geomorphic and climate changes. Located within the Quezon National Park, the cave has the following features: Length of cave : 32 meters Degree of Difficulty : easy Maximum size of party : 10 persons Average time taken : 1 hour. Atimonan, Quezon is a coastal municipality located 175 kilometers south of Manila. It is traversed by the Maharlika Highway, which extends up to Bicol Region that links the Continue reading

The Talinguroy View Point in Wangal

Talinguroy View Point Wangal La Trinidad Benguet Deck Panoramic Location Sunset Skyline Hiking Trail Distance Kilometer Point Attraction Tour Guide Address Elevation Summit Viewing Witness Vista The Talinguroy View Point is located in Wangal, La Trinidad in Benguet Province. From the Talinguroy View Point, visitors can witness a panoramic view of the sunset and its orange skyline. The Talinguroy Point is located 30 minutes hike away from the provincial capitol grounds. It is a potential natural attraction found in Wangal. La Trinidad is located just north of Baguio City and 215 kilometers northwest of Manila. Continue reading

The Mongso Cave in Itogon

Mongso Cave Dalupirip Itogon Benguet agno River location entrance cavern size hiking Trail depth distance difficulty visit tour guide stalactite length stalagmite map route history discovery info The Mongso Cave is located in Dalupirip, Itogon in Benguet Province. Mongso Cave is recommended for spelunkers. It is a potential natural attraction found in Dalupirip. Barangay Dalupirip existed before the Spanish came to the Philippines. It is known to be the main route of natives of the Upper Agno River going to the lowlands to barter their goods with lowland products, when lowlanders and the highlanders were not “cultured” with each other. This place served as an area of reconnaissance and a place to spy enemies or rustlers. Itogon is located on the southeast end of Benguet Province and is next to the communities of Baguio City, Tuba, La Trinidad, Tublay, Bokod, Kayapa, Santa Fe, San Manuel, San Nicolas, and Sison. Continue reading

Mount Kitongan in Buguias

Mount Kitongan Loo Buguias Benguet location mountain elevation hiking Trail summit map layout distance height difficulty trekking climb barangay kilometer cave cave camping history description Mount Kitongan is located in Loo, Buguias in Benguet Province. Tourists, who are looking for a more challenging destination are encouraged to visit Mount Kitongan. The mountain is good for trekking, camping and siteseeing. Some of the scenic views that can be seen at the peak of the mountain are Loo’s vegetable terraces, the myriad waterfalls of Buguias, and the Loo Valley Tourist may also experience the cool and invigorating touch of the mountain breeze. Mount Kitongan is a potential natural attraction found in Loo. Continue reading

The Lumauig Stone in Ifugao

Lumauig Stone Balangbang River Ifugao boulder black rock lumogig size location distance hiking Trail origin map layout distance kilometer tour guide legend mythology folklore climb graffiti info The Lumauig Stone is located in Ifugao Province. The Lumauig Stone, sometimes spelled Lumogig or Lumauig, is a huge enchanted black boulder held by three smaller stones, and this large rock is located in the middle of the Balangbang River. It is believed to mean that Mayoyao people will stay strong and happy as long as the stone stands. The Ifugaos believe that their gods and goddesses placed the Stone along the river. Continue reading

The Panhulugan Cliff in Basey

Panhulugan Cliff Basey Samar Province Limestone Rock Formation Cave Sohoton River Boat Tour Guide Rental Waray Hulug History Location Distance Size Trekking Rock Climbing Panoramic View Visit Info The Panhulugan Cliff is located in Basey in Samar Province. Panhulugan Cliff is a high and steep rock formation located directly across Panhulugan Cave I. Down this towering cliff is a narrow curve of the Sohoton River wherein passing bancas are dragged during low tide. The name Panhulugan is from the waray-waray word “hulug” which means to drop from atop. Filipino rebels had used this cliff as an ambush area during the Filipino-American war. It is also located within the Sohoton National Park. Continue reading

Dingalan Bay View Site in Aurora

Dingalan Bay View Site Tanawan Dingalan Aurora Barangay Nueva Ecija Hill Peak Elevation Mountain Panoramic Viewing Nipa Hut Town Water Rock Formation Photography Location Kilometer History Distance The Dingalan Bay View Site is located in Tanawan in Dingalan, Aurora Province. Tanawan, the name of the barangay where the Dingalan Viewing Deck is located, literally means “view site”. Upon approaching the border of Dingalan and Nueva Ecija, one passes through an area sloping upwards. At its peak is the Dingalan View Deck. Undeveloped, except for a solitary nipa hut and several electric poles, the area provides a panoramic view of the town and the waters of the Dingalan Bay, the green mountains and the igneous rock formations. Dingalan Bay is a total contrast from the hot, dry and brown environment of Nueva Ecija. One would be amazed by the almost sudden emergence of greenery that overlooks Dingalan upon reaching the Bay View Site. Dingalan Bay View Site is a perfect place for photography and picnicking. To get Continue reading

The San Isidro Cave in Santa Cruz

San Isidro Cave Santa Cruz Marinduque Bagumbungan Punong Location Entrance Cavern Size Hiking Trail Depth Distance Difficulty Visit Tour Guide Stalactite Length Stalagmite Spelunking History Discovery The San Isidro Cave is located in Santa Cruz in Marinduque Province. The San Isidro Cave, also known as the Bagumbungan Cave, was discovered by a team from the provincial tourism office and cave enthusiasts in 2009. The cave featuers the longest known Subterranean river in the province. San Isidro’s cave entrance is connected to Barangay Punong. A two kilometer route has already been mapped but many passages and chambers are still unexplored. The San Isidro cave features many waterfalls and unique cave habitats. Continue reading