Kinilaw na Tuna

Kinilaw na Tuna or raw fish salad is an appetizer dish that is usually consumed as “pulutan”; it is best served along with cold beer. This recipe does not involve any manual cooking but the tuna meat is semi-cooked once served. This is made possible by the acids in the vinegar (acetic acid) and calamansi or lemon juice (citric acid). These mild acids slowly cook the fish meat when soaked for a few hours. Continue reading


Calamares is the Filipino version of the Mediterranean breaded fried squid dish, Calamari. There are different methods on how to make this dish; the most usual does not involve breadcrumbs. If in case you are having a hard time looking for fresh squid meat, you may always purchase the packaged squid rings for calamari. These are located on the frozen food section of most supermarkets or grocery stores. Continue reading

Lumpiang Togue

Lumpiang Togue is a variation of the spring roll. Instead of meat, Mung bean sprouts (locally known as togue) are used as the major ingredient. This dish is a popular appetizer and snack in the Philippines and it is best eaten when dipped in spicy vinegar with onions and whole peppercorn. Continue reading


Hardinera is a famous meatloaf dish that originated in Quezon Province. This is considered as a special dish and is often served only in special occasions such as town fiestas and other important gatherings. Continue reading

Grilled Tilapia

There are many ways to grill tilapia; this variation requires the fish to be wrapped securely in aluminum foil to trap the juice producing a very flavorful grilled fish with a texture similar to steamed fish. Another common method of grilling tilapia is by placing the fish directly in a grill without any wrapper. Scales are not removed from the fish to prevent the skin from sticking on the grill. Continue reading

Chicken Binakol

Chicken Binakol is a delicious chicken soup dish. It is similar to Chicken Tinola, although the use of of coconut meat and coconut water makes this dish unique. Traditional methods of cooking Chicken Binakol requires native chicken simmered for several hours. The meat of native chicken is tougher than regular dressed chicken, but it has more flavor. Simmering native chicken longer makes the meat tender and releases all the flavors. Continue reading

Nilagang Baboy

Nilagang Baboy or Pork Nilaga is translated as boiled pork in Filipino. This is a soup dish commonly served for lunch or dinner on regular days. Nilagang Baboy is eaten with steamed white rice and is best served with patis (fish sauce) and siling labuyo (birds eye chili). If you have been cooking Filipino Recipes for a while, chances are that you know how to prepare Pork Nilaga. This is one of the easiest Filipino soup dishes that anyone can prepare. Although everything in the recipe seems so easy to do, you have to pay special Continue reading

The Bagoong Factory in Lingayen

Bagoong Factory Maniboc Lingayen Pangasinan Fish Paste Galunggong Dilis Tirong Salt Seawater Facility Building Industry Trade Product Location Producer Jars Price Wholesale Retail Bottle Export Info The Bagoong Factory is located in Maniboc, Lingayen in Pangasinan Province. Bagoong, or fish paste, used to be sold only in milk cans (locally called “litsi”) in the wet markets. Bagoong’s ingredients are just fish (usually galunggong (round scad), dilis (anchovy) and tirong (similar to dilis)), solar salt (naturally evaporated salt from seawater sourced mainly from the towns of Bolinao and Anda, Pangasinan) and water.  Bagoong is now sold in bottles or pouches that line the shelves of upscale supermarkets and groceries. Given that Pangasinan is major salt producer in the Philippines, then it’s a must to try the province’s major products. These includes “bagoong” (“salted-fish”), “agamang” (“salted-shrimp”), and “asin” (salt) of course! You can buy these delicious goods at DS Bagoong Products located on Maniboc West in Continue reading

Sardines with Misua and Patola

Sardines with Misua and Patola or simply — Misua Soup — is a regular soup dish made from thin flour noodles, sardines, and luffa. The thin flour noodles are known as misua in the Philippines. The sardines refer to canned sardines in tomato sauce, while luffa is a type of vegetable; it is known as Patola in Filipino. Sardines with Misua and Patola is a simple and budget-friendly soup dish that you n quickly prepare anytime. Continue reading

Monggo Guisado

Monggo Guisado is another version of Ginisang Monggo; this time using fish flakes from left over fried fish. The mung beans absorbed the water while soaking over night, this helped soften its texture. You will know because you can easily crush a bean using your fingers – try that using hard mung beans and you’ll immediately see the difference. Continue reading