Simeon A Ola Day in Guinobatan

Simeon Ola Day Guinobatan Albay Calendar Date September Celebration Nonworking Holiday General Military Bicolano Hero Fiesta Schedule Events Parade Exhibit Revolutionary Movement Dance Parade Info Simeon A Ola Day, also simply known as Ola Day, is held annually in Guinobatan in Albay Province. Simeon A Ola Day falls on September 2 and is considered a nonworking holiday in Albay Province. September 2 is the birthday of General Simeon A Ola, a Bicolano hero during the Philippine-American War.  Simeon A Ola was born in Guinobatan, Albay, and is most known for being the last last general to surrender to American forces during the Philippine-American War. He was a student at the University of Nueva Caceres in Naga City in 1896 when he decided to give up his studies to join the local unit of the anti-American revolutionary movement in Albay. Continue reading

The Longganisa Festival in Guinobatan

Longganisa Festival Guinobatan Calendar Date Schedule August Bicol Culinary Product Celebration Fiesta Mass Church Motorcade Parade Music Sports Food Tournament Drum Competition Street Dance Concert Guinobatan hosts an annual festival in the celebration of Our Lady of Assumption, its patron saint. Until 2013, the town festival was called “Arandurugan Festival.” Held annually in August, Guinobatan now celebrates the Longganisa Festival, named after the local product listed under the Department of Trade and Industry’s “One Town, One Product” program. The aim of the Guinobatan Longganisa Festival is to promote Longganisa de Guinobatan as one of Bicol’s culinary delicacies. The annual celebration starts with a mass at the Our Lady of the Assumption Parish Guinobatan, followed by a motorcade. In the past, activities including music, food, sports tournaments, drum and lyre competitions, street dances, concerts highlight the festival. Also the longganisa culinarian is showcased to show the region’s Continue reading

The Kalivungan Festival in Cotabato

Kalivungan Festival Cotabato Celebration Calendar Date Schedule Events Province Christian Muslim Lumad Maenuvu Gathering Fiesta Week Ethnic Dance Ritual Music Parade Games Tradition Activity Costume The Kalivungan Festival is held annually in Cotabato Province and celebrates the harmonious relations and the strong union that binds the province’s Tri-People: the Christians, Muslims and the Lumads. Kalivungan is a Maenuvu word which means “Gathering” or “Festival”. Kalivungan is the name of the province’s annual founding anniversary of the Province

of Cotabato. It features a week long celebration highlighting cultural presentation, ethnic dances, rituals, music and native games showcasing the unique cultures and traditions of Cotabateños. A grand Festival filled with fun and exciting activities, feast of abundance and thanksgiving that encourages and ensures active participation and involvement of all people from the different sectors of society, thus strengthens the commitment towards culture harmony, peace and Continue reading

Naliyagan Festival in Prosperidad

Naliyagan Festival Prosperidad Agusan Sur Celebration Plaza Date Calendar Schedule Agusanon Culture Heritage Origin Costume June Independence Showcase Trade Fair Booth Exhibit Parade Bayugan Province The Naliyagan Festival is a week-long festival celebrated annually at the Naliyagan Plaza in Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur Province. The festival depicts the Agusanon culture and heritage. Indigenous tribes in the entire Agusan valley will display skills and grace in dancing as part of their ritual activities. Natives from far-flung areas of the province participate in the festivity by displaying their skills and gracefulness in a natural way. The Nalyagan Festival usually kicks off with the celebration of the Philippine Independence Day anniversary every June 12. A trade fair showcasing the province’s s own products also takes place at the Naliyagan Plaza. Booths and exhibits involve the province’s 13 municipalities including the lone city of Bayugan. Continue reading

Pagdaug Saludan Festival in Tigbauan

Pagdaug Saludan Festival Tigbauan Iloilo Victory Meaning Cultural Historical Calendar Date Fiesta March Freedom Heroism Costume Parade Schedule Origin Celebration Holiday Panay Romblon Event Info The Pagdaug Saludan Festival in held annually in Tigbauan, Iloilo Province. Pagdaug-Saludan Festival means the victory of our people. The Pagdaug-Saludan Festival is both cultural and historical. It highlights the culture of the residents of Tigbauan and how “salud” has become part of their everyday life. It will also show the struggle that our people experienced during World War II under the Japanese occupation and more importantly, it will give due recognition to the courage, bravery and heroism of those who fought against the invaders to eventually regain peace and freedom that led to our victory day. Continue reading

The Cavinti Harvest Festival in Laguna

Cavinti Harvest Festival Laguna Province Calendar Date Schedule Events Location Parade Fiesta Party Agriculture History Costume Origin Food Crop Contest Activity Music Tourism Mayor Milbert Oliveros The Cavinti Harvest Festival is held annually in Cavinti, Laguna Province. The Cavinti Harvest Festival is among the most important events in the town of Cavinti that was also initiated by the incumbent Mayor Milbert L. Oliveros with the help of Pangkat Kabukiran and all barangay Captains of Cavinti in order to boost the agricultural sector and at the same time the tourism industry of Cavinti in the last quarter of the year. This festival will now be an annual celebration that occurs around the time of peak harvest season of Cavinti which is commonly arounf the month of first week of October. Unlike with other typical “harvest festival” this festival will not only celebrate thanksgiving but to encourage people to plant more agricultural crops using organic and to sustain the food requirements in the table Continue reading

The Bagumbayan Festival in Sultan Kudarat

Bagumbayan Festival Sultan Kudarat History Date Calendar Schedule Event Bansadayaw Origin Muslim Culture Celebration Fiesta Party Parade Harvest Visayan Municipality Tribe Contact Myth Tradition The Bagumbayan Festival in is held in the municipality of Bagumbayan in Sultan Kudarat. When the Christian settlers in Bagumbayan had already stabilized their farming status and begun reaping the fruits of their labor, foremost that came into their minds was the offering of thanks for such blessings from almighty God. They did this in the form of Harvest Festival starting with religious prayers and highlighted with merrymaking festivities where the cultures and traditions of their places of origin were practiced and observed. Year after year, such kind of festivity had evolved with enhancements because Muslims and indigenous communities were able to learn and accept each others’ beliefs and traditions. Continue reading

Kaliga Festival in Gingoog

Kaliga Festival Gingoog City July Manobo Higaonon Culture Tradition Celebration Peoples Grandstand Oval Festivity Street Dancing Parade Pahayahay Competition Costume Schedule Calendar Event Harvest The Kaliga Festival is held annually at the People’s Grandstand in Gingoog City. This festival is held on the 23rd of July and is a colorful and joyous festival of abundance and prosperity, stems from the city’s Manobo and Higaonon roots, their culture and traditions through rituals and street dancing. Kaliga is a thanksgiving celebration of the Higaonon, meaning “to thank god” for all the blessings, bountiful harvest, successful hunting, expedition, installation of new chieftain, birth of a child and any recoveries from hardship and sickness. This Misamis Oriental event is held at the People’s Grandstand & Oval with schools participating in its festivities. The street dancing parade will commence at the Pahayahay area and will pass through the city’s major roads ending at the People’s Grandstand where the final tableau competition will take place. Continue reading

Meguyaya Festival in Maguindanao

Meguyaya Festival Upi Maguindanao Teduray Merrymaking Thanksgiving Celebration Date Upian December History Origin Costume Cultural Night Local Government Unit Ginoong Pageant Maisan Parade Party The Meguyaya Festival is held annually in Upi, Maguindanao. Meguyaya is a Teduray word meaning ‘Merrymaking and Thanksgiving” This is a universal expression of thanksgiving for the triumphs, abundance, prosperity or any form of blessing recievd. The word in a multi-cultural society wherein different expressions or way of thanksgiving and  merrymaking practices are recognized and honored. Amidst Upi’s triumphs, abundance and prosperity is the conceptualization of Meguyaya Festival, Upians’ way of expressing gratitude for all the bounties. Meguyaya is a three-week celebration which culminates every 22nd of December. Meguyaya Festival was conceptualized sometime in 2004 purposely to help boost the Tourism program of the municipality, and to serve as a window to showcase the Continue reading

Shariff Kabunsuan Festival in Maguindanao

Shariff Kabunsuan Festival Maguindanao December Celebration Date Rio Grande Arab Malay Johore Malaysia Islam Muslim Sultanates History Origin Costume Parade Fiesta Rajah Buayan Kabuntalan Schedule The Shariff Kabunsuan Festival is held every December 19 in Maguindanao Province. Shariff Kabunsuan Festival is a very significant event not only to Maguindanao people, Cotabato City, and Region XII, but to the whole Muslim Mindanao. The Shariff Kabunsuan Festival is a colorful commemoration of Kabunsuan’s arrival via Rio Grande de Mindanao more than 500 years ago to introduce Islam to the natives. This colorful festival is a commemoration of the arrival of an Arab-Malay missionary from Johore, Malaysia in the 16th century, landed along the banks of pulangi now known as Rio Grande de Mindanao. Shariff Kabunsuan introduced Islam to the natives, which lead to the established of the Sultanates of Maguindanao, Rajah Buayan and Kabuntalan Continue reading