The Bataan Peninsula

Bataan Peninsula Location Bay Water Beach Corregidor Island History Manila Bay South China Sea West Philippine Ocean Swimming Resort Hotel Distance Scuba Diving Typhoon Site Tour Guide Description The Bataan Peninsula overlooks Corregidor Island and was the site of a heroic battle between combined American and Filipino Forces and the Japanese. The allied forces made a final stand to stop the Japanese aggression and delay the conquest of the Philippines. After the “Fall Of Bataan,” a series of infamous Death Marches began in Mariveles and ended in Capas, Tarlac. Many American and Filipino soldiers died along the way. The entire historic march can be traced by following markers. At San Fernando, American soldiers were crammed into boxcars and transported to the infamous Camp O’Donnell. On April 7, 2000, former death march survivors and representatives of the Philippine government dedicated the “Battling Bastards Of Bataan” memorial at the Camp O’Donnell site. Paid for by members of the Battling Bastards Of Bataan Continue reading

The Nijaga Park in Calbayog

Nijaga Park Calbayog Samar Town Shows Location Venue Meeting Jose Rizal Benedicto Trece Martires Bagumbayan Acacia Tree Amphitheater Stage Walkway Theater Performance Schedule Calendar History Rally The Nijaga Park is the largest park of Calbayog City, Samar, where town shows are held. Nijaga Park is probably the only park in the country which honors two heroes, Dr. Jose Rizal and Calbayog’s local hero, Benedicto Nijaga who was one of the “Trece Martires De Bagumbayan”. Nijaga Park park is characterized by the old Acacia trees and the amphitheater with stage constructed to theater standards. The area has hosted performances by artists both of local and national caliber. The place was made historic by various political rallies of Calbayognons and national figures running of various positions, as well as programs attended by officials like President Fidel Ramos and Vice President Teofisto Guingona, among others. The latest additions to the park are the replicas of the Bangon Falls and the Tabukno Falls. Continue reading

Air Force City Aircraft Park in Clark

Air Force City Aircraft Park Clark Pampanga Base United States American Fighter Jets Recto Avenue Location Display Collection Pictures Exhibit Types Helicopter Airplane Cockpit Map History Description The Air Force City Aircraft Park is located inside the old Clark Air Base in Pampanga Province. The park was developed to give local and foreign visitors to Clark an opportunity to witness the various types of aircraft used by the United States Air Force when Clark Air Base was an active American military installation. The aircraft are all American but the United States Air Force letters were painted over with the Philippine Air Force letters.Air Force City Aircraft Park is located in an open field along CM Recto Avenue. A favorite spot for local and foreign visitors. Continue reading

Batan Island

Batan Island Batanes Basco Ivana Uyugan Mahatao Location Capital Population Beach Port Airport Center Province Size Length Distance History Fishing Weather Resort Boat Road Visit Hills Tunnel Church Batan Island is the largest and most populated island of Batanes Province. It is composed of four municipalities namely Basco, Ivana, Uyugan and Mahatao. Its capital Basco, is located on the northern part of the island, and is the center of commerce and seat of the provincial government. What sets Batanes apart, even in the Philippines, are its Ivatan inhabitants, members of a distinct ethnic group with hazy origins and its own language. They have for centuries eked out a living here from fishing and yam farming and withstood centuries of ferocious typhoons with equal parts grit and grace. Places to visit on Batan Island include the Valugan Boulder Beach, the Nakamaya Burial Grounds, the Dipnaysupuan Japanese Tunnel, Fundacion Pacita, the Pagasa Weather Station, Tukon Church, Vayang Rolling Hills, Chadpidan Boulder Beach, and the Naidi Hills. Continue reading

Talim Island in Rizal

Talim Island Binangonan Rizal Coastal Town Beach Laguna Bay Freshwater Fishing Mount Tagapo Hiking Village Location History Resort Boat Rental Swimming Pictures Population Beaches Surf Tide Industry Talim Island is located in Binangonan in Rizal Province. It is the island where 17 coastal barangays of the municipality of Binangonan are located. They are situated along the shores of Laguna de Bay where traditional fresh water fishing is a thriving industry. Mount Tagapo is a popular hiking destination on on Talim Island, and at an elevation of 1,437 feet, is the highest mountain on the island. Talim Island was featured in Ishmael Bernal’s 1976 film Nunal sa Tubig (Mole in the Water), a dystopian vision of the island which tackles how fisherfolk are affected by progress and pollution from nearby industries. Continue reading

El Kabayo Equestrian Center in Subic

El Kabayo Equestrian Center Binictican Subic Bay Freeport Zambales Horse Stable Thoroughbred Saddlebread Quarter Standardbred Breed Horseback Riding Tour Kabayo Falls Location History Fees Entrance The El Kabayo Equestrian Center is located in Binictican, in the Subic Bay Freeport in Zambales Province. The center uses horses imported from the U.S., Argentina, and Australia. The breeds include thoroughbreds, saddlebreds, quarter horses and even a few standardbreds. The horses are a great contrast to the native breeds normally found in the Philippines. Even if riding is not on your agenda, a visit here is well worth the trip even if it is only to admire the magnificent horses, and trot to Kabayo Falls. To get to the El Kabayo Equestrian Center, if you are coming from Manila, take the North Luzon Expressway, then go straight for the Subic Expressway. Continue reading

Casiguran Sound in Aurora

Casiguran Sound Aurora Bay Peninsula Cape San Ildefonso Inlet Size Beach Ocean Sea Shape Size Location Monsoon Weather Swimming White Sand Resort Surfing Swimming Snorkeling Scuba Diving WindsurfingCasiguran Sound is a bay nearly enclosed by the Casiguran peninsula and the cape of San Ildefonso, in Aurora Province. Only a kilometer-wide inlet serves to connect the sound to the sea. Casiguran Sound’s location provides protection from the typhoons that seasonally ravage most of the province. Casiguran Sound is also unaffected by the monsoon winds that blow from October through February, making it an ideal spot for windsurfing, should facilities be available. For the time being, bring your own windsurfing equipment. Casiguran Beach has its share of white beaches and numerous places for relaxation. Many foreigners have taken advantage of the natural placidity, having built vacation homes along the coast. To get to Casiguran Sound, hire a motor boat from Baler town proper and head north. Travel Continue reading

Divinuvo Island in Eastern Samar

Divinuvo Island Borongan Eastern Samar White Beach Location Kilometer Size Distance Trees Resort Scuba Diving Swimming Snorkeling Tour Boat Guide Population Directions Hotel Transport History Fishing Divinuvo Island is a three-square kilometer island located in Barangay Lalawigan in Borongan, Eastern Samar province. Divinuvo Island has beaches which have crystal-clear water, white sandy beaches, swaying palm trees, multi-colored fish and corals beneath; best suited for scuba diving and swimming. Continue reading

Loran Station in Basco Batanes

Loran Station Basco Batanes Batan Island History Construction Coast Guard Military United States Airstrip Aviators Hill Long Range Aid Navigation Naval Facility Building Map Tour Distance Beach The Loran Station is located in Basco, Batan Island in Batanes Province. LORAN is an acronym for Long Range Aid to Navigation). The Loran Station was built in 1953 and was used to house a US coastguard detachment for operated for almost two decades. The Loran Station is located 25 kilometers from Basco. The Batanes Islands lie 375 miles north of Sangley Point* midway between Luzon and Taiwan. The normal morning flight path was north over central Luzon and the return flight normally diverted over the west coast to circumvent the afternoon cumulonimbus build ups. The Loran Station was located on the east side of the main island and the airstrip was on the west side at the capital city of Basco. Basco International Airport, as it was referred to by the Coast Guard aviators who flew in there, was 3000 feet long, unpaved and situated on the side of a mountain Continue reading

Agbayani Park in Lingayen

Aguedo Agbayani Park Lingayen Pangasinan Governors Capitol Grounds Alvear East Maniboc Location Walkway History Naming Construction Size Luneta Statue Monument Pictures Meeting Venue Nature History Aguedo Agbayani Park, also known as Governor’s Park, is located across the Lingayen Provincial Capital Building in Pangasinan. Resembling a smaller version of Luneta Park in Manila, this nature park was built to commemorate Governor Aguedo Agbayani, former congressman and the longest serving governor of the province of Pangasinan. The Aguedo Agbayani Park is located on the Capitol Grounds, Alvear East in Maniboc, Lingayen. Continue reading