The Catholic Church of Camiling

Catholic Church Camiling Tarlac Saint Michael Archangel Parish Building Location General Pedro Pedroche Francisco Makabulos Earthquake Restoration Location Size Architecture Fire Museum History Info The Saint Michael the Archangel Parish Church is located in Camiling in Tarlac Province. Also known simply as the Catholic Church of Camiling, this building was built during the Spanish period in the 1700’s; The centuries-old Roman Catholic Church and Convent have been declared historical site by National Historical Commission in 1994. The Church was the death place of General Pedro Pedroche and his men in the hands of Francisco Makabulos and high revolutionary troops on orders of General Luna on charges of rebellion. It was destroyed and rebuilt in 1880s after a surge of major earthquake. Having served as concrete testimonies to the unfolding of historical drama during the Spanish Revolution before being burned on 1997 that have affected even its constituent Camiling Catholic School. Now their ruins stand and being restored painfully Continue reading

Our Lady of Caysasay Church in Taal

Our Lady Caysasay Church Taal Batangas Location Cultural Artifacts Spanish Colonial Period History Construction Image Virgin Augustinian Emblems Communion Rails Priest Schedule Building Wedding Info The Our Lady of Caysasay Church is located in Taal in Batangas Province. This church is located in one of the province’s distinct cultural artifacts from the Spanish colonial period. Among these relics are the 27-centimeter image of the Virgin which was fished out of the waters in 1603. The Augustinian emblems engraved on the communion rails, the ornately carved holy water receptacle, and the few baroque motifs remain on the external frieze. The church has been renovated, but many interesting details of period art can still be appreciated. Continue reading

Sky Plaza in Natividad

Sky Plaza Natividad Pangasinan Batchelor East Barangay Park Hill Waterfalls Multipurpose Meeting Hall Chapel Zipline Recreation Concrete Stairs Grotto Virgin Mary Hill Holy Cross Christ Redeemer Info Sky Plaza is located in Barangay Batchelor East in Natividad, Pangasinan Province. Sky Plaza is a park built on top of a hill and a water fall, which is 2 kilometer away. Sky Plaza has a two-story octagon-shape multipurpose hall, a chapel, a 120 meter zip line, picnic table and wide parking spaces. It also serves as base of a 287 steps concrete stairway that leads at a grotto of the Virgin Mary in the upper side of the hill, and a little higher behind it, to 30-foot Holy Cross. From the cross is a winding trail leading to the mountaintop, where a 40 foot statue of Christ the Redeemer, called “Ayat ni Apo Jesus” (Love of God) stands. Jesus Christ’s fiberglass statue, which was Continue reading

The Nahulugan Kampana in Lagonoy

Nahulugan Kampana Santa Maria Lagonoy Camarines Sur Belfry Stone Church History Tourist Attraction Location Grassland Grounds Ontengco Family Spanish Structure Construction Layout Description Tour Nahulugan Kampana is located in Santa Maria, Lagonoy in Camarines Sur Province. Nahulugan Kampana has historical significance because it is the belfry of the first stone church in the country and its ruins serves as the living memory of the past. Nahulugan Kampana became an added tourist attraction of the municipality of Lagonoy. It is located about 300 meters from Lagonoy and can be reached thru walking or riding motor vehicles or padyaks. Presently the area is categorized as open and grassland area, but half a portion is utilized for agricultural purposes. The grounds of Nahulugan Kampana is about one hectare in area and is privately owned by the Continue reading

The Balanga Church Belfry

Balanga Catholic Church Belfry Bataan History Construction Location Japanese Artillery Station Abucay Bombardment Mount Samat World War American Military Site Repair Size Height Distance Description The Balanga Catholic Church Belfry was once used as a Japanese artillery station. The Balanga Belfry is located at the Church of Balanga in Bataan Province. The spiritual ministration of Balanga formerly belonged to Abucay. Balanga became an independent missionary center in 1739. Reverend Benito Rivas, O.P., strengthened this church by fortifying its wall. Rev. Juan Antonio Vicente, O.P, roofed it with galvanized iron and decorated the interior. Rev. Mariano Ma. Minano, O.P., from 1838-1845 constructed the arch of the choir loft and made the baptismal font out of granite from Mariveles. The parochial ministration under the Filipino clergy started with Rev. Mariano Sarili, June 21, 1898. The church was used as the site for Japanese artillery bombardment of Mount Samat where Filipino and American forces gave their last Continue reading

The Grand Mosque of Cotabato

Grand Mosque Cotabato Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Masjid Muslim Building Hallislam Kalanganan Construction Size Location Brunei Architecture Islamic Landmark Visit Tour Worship Distance Mecca Koran The Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Masjid, also known as the Grand Mosque of Cotabato, is the largest mosque in the Philippines. The structure is located in Barangay Kalanganan in Cotabato City and was funded by Hassanal Bolkiah the Sultan of Brunei . Considered to be a masterpiece of islamic architecture, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Masjid or the Grand Mosque now stands as a landmark in Cotabato City. Located at Barangay Kalangan II, it was named after the Sultan of Brunei, Sultan Bolkiah who donated a huge amount just so this architectural wonder and place of worship materializes in Cotabato City. This mosque is now the most visited place of worship and a top tourist destination in Cotabato City. Continue reading

The Bosleng Lourdes Grotto in Atok

Bosleng Lourdes Grotto Atok Benguet Location Catholic Church Statue Monument Idol Size Description Pilgrimmage Mountain Retreat Rest Meditation History Meaning Image Park Construction Religion Info The Bosleng Lourdes Grotto is located in Atok in Benguet Province. This is a potential man-made attraction of the municipality of Atok. Local residents believed that the grotto played an important role in one of the international pilgrimage conducted by the Catholic Church. The cold climate and serene atmosphere of the place makes it ideal for prayer retreats and meditations. The place can be reached through foot path and there are no amenities available in the area. Continue reading

The San Sebastian Cathedral in Tarlac

San Sebastian Cathedral Tarlac City Church Plazuela Tanedo Street Location Cientifico Literaria Universidad Filipinas Blessed Sacrament Building History Construction Architecture Priest Schedule Info The San Sebastian Cathedral is located at the heart of Tarlac City, across the Tarlac Plazuela, and at the end of Tañedo Street. It was once the venue of the commencement excercise of the Cientifico Literaria Universidad de Filipinas in 1899, when then-Honorable Emilio Aguinaldo was the president of the republic and of the university. Now, the cathedral is one that is frequently visited by pilgrims because of the exposed Blessed Sacrament housed in a chapel inside of it. Recently constructed inside is the cathedral’s baptistery. Continue reading

Our Lady of the Angels Shrine in Atimonan

Our Lady The Shrine Atimonan Quezon National Park Forest Image Construction Size Statue Mountain Park Pavilion Rest Area Location History Marker Landmark Size Pictures Town Patron Description Info The Our Lady of the Angels Shrine is located in the rest area of the Quezon National Park in Atimonan, Quezon Province. This 15-foot image of Our Lady of the Angels, the towns patron, was constructed on a mountainside just beside the parks pavilion. Travelers usually stop in this area to make some special wish or say a prayer of thanksgiving for a safe trip. Atimonan is a coastal municipality located 175 kilometers (107 miles) southeast of Manila. It is traversed by the Maharlika Highway, which extends up to Bicol Region that links the regional and provincial movements to Manila. Continue reading

Ina Poon Bato in Botolan

Ina Poon Bato Botolan Zambales Image Blessed Mother Aeta Apo Apang Worship Image Idol Statue Augustinian Recollects Catholic Pinatubo Wooden Structure History Tradition Buried Volcanic Ash Church Info Ina Poon Bato is regarded as the oldest image of our blessed mother which has brought about a combined undeniable proof that with this image, the Filipino people has powerful and beloved instrument for real peace among all races. Ina Poon Bato is located in Botolan, Zambales. The Aetas refer it as “Apo Apang” and have been worshiping the image of Ina Poon Bato even before the first missionaries from the Augustinian Recollects arrived in the province in 1607. When Mt. Pinatubo erupted in 1991, the village of Poon Bato was devastated and the wooden image of the Blessed Virgin Mary was found buried chest-deep in volcanic ash, but intact and unscathed. Continue reading