Casa de Comunidad de Tayabas

Casa de Comunidad de Tayabas QuezonCasa communidad de Tayabas was build as guesthouse for dignitaries during the Spanish Era. After, it became a garrison for Filipino soldiers during the World War. Now, Casa Communidad has been converted into a museum that exhibits the town’s unburied past. It houses to several Antique objects, old wardrobes by prominent people and pictures of former leaders of the town and events that took place in it. Constructed in 1831 when Don Diego Enriquez was gobernadorcillo, it is primarily designed as a guesthouse for visiting Spanish dignitaries. Casa de Comunidad is a national historical landmark which houses the local museum and the municipal library. It is host to many cultural and historical activities. It is the biggest “bahay na bato” ever restored by the National Historical Institute.

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