Bueno Hot Spring in Capas

Bueno Hot Spring Capas Tarlac Water Volcanic Heat Mount Pinatubo Danum Mapali Barangay Bueno Concrete Pools Temperature Depth Size Tour Guide Capas Botolan Road Location Distance Camping Hiking Bueno Hot Spring is located in Capas, Tarlac Province. The warm water is from the volcanic heat of Mount Pinatubo, which is 10 kilometers away. Located in Sitio Danum Mapali, Brgy Bueno, the Bueno Hot Spring is impounded in two concrete pools – about two to three feet in height. One pool has a temperature of 45 degrees centigrade and neutral pH level of 5.5. Its flow rate was recorded at 1/2 gal/min. The other pool has a temperature of 49.5 degrees centigrade with pH level at 5.5. The place may be reached through the Capas-Botolan Road. A perfect haven for local excursionists.

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