The Botolan Wildlife Farm in Zambales

Botolan Wildlife Farm San Juan Botolan Zambales Animal Sanctuary Zoller Family Quarantine Station Size Meters Location Exhibit Collection Restaurant Barbecue Conservation Reserve Entrance Fee Info The Botolan Wildlife Farm is located in San Juan, Botolan, in Zambales Province. It is a family-run wildlife sanctuary, all funded and maintained by the Zoller family. It is also a national quarantine station for animals in the province of Zambales. The farm covers an area of 55,000.00 square meters and is home to a variety of exotic animals and plants from all over the world. The Botolan Wildlife Farm is a great place to discover and appreciate diverse and unusual creatures. Birds include: The Grey Cockatiel, Barhminy Kite, Eastern Grass Owl, Victoria Crowned Pigeons, Cattle Egret, Guinea Fowl, etc. Mammals include: The Amur or Siberian Tiger, Philippine Deer, Crab-eating Macaque, Wild Boar, etc. Reptiles include: The Burmese Python, Hawksbill Sea Turtle, Red Eared Slider, Pig-nosed Turtle, Eastern Long Neck Turtle, etc. Learning about different species by watching their behavior can offer us new insight into ourselves. Check out how caimans go after their prey and the playfulness of a Siberian Tiger cub. Be a wildlife biologist at Botolan Wildlife Farm. You can watch and learn about wild animals from all over the world in one place Facilities: restaurant with catering service, barbeque, pitches, accommodation, kid’s corner with wildlife orientation and conservation, playground.

The Botolan Wildlife Farm is located 189 kilometers northwest of Manila, 60 kilometers north of Olongapo (Subic Freeport Zone, Subic International Airport, Subic Bay Naval Station) , 52 kilometers north of Subic City (Subic Bay), 45 kilometers west of Angeles City (Clark Freeport Zone), and 14 kilometers south of Iba Zambales. Park entrance fee is P75 per person. Their telephone contact number is 0917-734-2206 or /0917-734-2206

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