Boracay Boat Station 3

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Station 3 is the southernmost section of Boracay Island. Station 3 is not as developed as Station 1 and Station 2. You can still find many of the older style bungalows and cheaper accommodation here. Station 3 is also a lot quieter than the other areas with not as many people. Although in the last few years some larger resorts have been built here but it still retains its relaxing atmosphere. A good place to book if you don’t want the crowds of people you find at station 2, while still being only a 15 minute walk from the D’Mall.

Boat Station 3 is the last part of White Beach to be noticed by land developers and transformed into pieces of prime real estate. A lot of the resorts that people will find here tend to be more of bungalow type residences and resorts taking on a more native design. However, we can now see that there are upscale establishments that take on a more modern appeal.

If you’re the type who would rather stay away from the party crowd then the hotels and resorts on Station 3 will appeal to you. Though a lot of the establishments here offer economy lodgings many of them offer quality accommodations. You can even find some of the nicest hotels and resorts in this part of Boracay.

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