The Boac Museum in Marinduque

Boac Museum Marinduque Location Building Exhibit Collection Display Collection History Ceramic Gaspar Building Contact Manager Island Swatow Culture Artifacts Hours Memorabilia Entrance Fee The Boac Museum is located in Boac City in Marinduque Province. The Boac Museum features the archeological, ethnographic, geological and historical materials reflecting the culture of Marinduque. In the underwater archeology section there are samples of tradeware ceramics retrieved from Gaspar island. These ceramics are of Swatow type dating to the Ming Period during the reign of Emperor Wan Li (1573 to 1620). Boac is the capital of the island province of Marinduque. It is located 155 kilometers southeast of Manila. To get to Boac from Manila, take a JAC, Jam, Tritran, Lucena Lines or South Star Bus and take the Manila to Lucena Route. Specifically, choose buses that will take you to the Talao-Talao Pier in Lucena City. From the Talao-Talao Pier, passengers bound for Mogpog, Boac, Gasan or Buenavista must choose Balanacan Pier while passengers bound for Santa Cruz and Torrijos may choose going to the Buyabod Pier.

From the Balanacan Pier, vans and jeeps can take kyouk to your destination. From the Buyabod Pier, tricycles and jeeps are available to take you to Santa Cruz, and air conditoned vans and regular jeeps are available for Torrijos-bound passengers.

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