Black Island in Busuanga

Black Island Busuanga PalawanThe island is called Malajom due to its unique physical characteristics. It has three small caves with mini-pool inside and a black rock of about 150 feet into a majestic cave. The island has natural gas which serves as flooring around the beach, as white silica of more or less 5 km. Assorted fishes are available for the whole year. Fishermen usually stay here as a resting-place. The island is one of the municipality’s sources of edible nests and guano for fertilizer. Inside the caves, you will find writings on the wall in Spanish. A mini-pool, a table forms rock, and a bench. Vacationists/adventurers believed that it was naturally built. It invites the adventurous that would dare and explore its interior for discovery, mystery, and fun. Black Island is one of the many islands that belong to the Calamian Islands group in Palawan, Philippines. It is part of the municipality of Busuanga in the Province of Palawan.

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