Batag Lighthouse in Northern Samar

Batag Lighthouse Marubay Laoang Northern Samar San Bernardino Strait Light Pacific Ocean History Construction Height Location Batag Lighthouse is located on Batag Island, in Marubay, Laoang Northern Samar province. Built during the American occuption, the light from this lighthouse marks the northeastern point of Samar Island and leads international ships to the to the entrance of the San Bernardino Strait marked by the San Bernardino Light. One of the most traveled waterways in the archipelago, together with the Capul Island Lighthouse, these stations are invaluable to vessels coming from the Pacific Ocean and entering the country through the San Bernardino Strait on its way to Manila or any other ports of the Philippines.The Batag Lighthouse is 51 kilometers from Catarman, and is accessible by motorboat from Rawis. Magnificent natural rock formation made more beautiful by the Maydolong landscape aficionados. The Batag Lighthouse, together with the Capul Lighthouse were declared provincial historical landmarks by the province of Northern Samar in October 2008.

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  • Loyd M

    Hi. This is Loyd, blog owner and lighthouse collector. I don’t mind if you post photos from my blog on your own page, only if you asked permission to use it. Also, in order to know the facts about your subject, you need to personally get there and gather the information you need. Your followers must have been misinformed by now because, aside from unauthorized use of the above photo from my blog, you have labeled it incorrectly. This is the Maniguin Island Lighthouse, not the Batag Island Lighthouse. Read more from for the exact details.