Batag Beach in Virac

Batag Beach in Virac CatanduanesBatag Beach in Virac, Catanduanes is bordered by coconut trees and the back of the resort leans against the hill, giving it an air somewhat of the Chocolate Hills of Bohol. Its shoreline is covered with fine white sand and its pristine azure waters never falls to lure to visitor to take dip. The unspoiled beach is bordered by gleaming white sands. Its clean and natural luster is recommended for picnickers and swimmers or even for spear fishing. Aside from the usual golden sand beach that you’ll see in Catanduanes, Batag Beach has an impressive rock formation along its shore. The rocks create an arch overlooking the sea. It faces the mainland Bicol where one could take a full view of the breathtaking elegant silhouette of Mayon Volcano and its neighbor, Bulusan Volcano, in the distance. At sunset, soft clouds which sometimes drape the volcanoes evoke the fragility of a Japanese etching. At low tide, the sand is laid bare for miles as the water recedes; you have to walk quite far out to swim, at high tide, however, the waves completely covered the shore. Visitors sometimes come to rent the huts on the beach for a couple of hours. It is possible to explore the surrounding countryside on foot, with tricycle of by a car belonging to the resort. You can also hire a “banca” to discover the rocky and the other bays rimmed with turquoise waters.

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