Banju Springs in Baler

Banju Springs Real Baler Aurora Pool Water Location Thermal River Natural Spring Flow Shrubbery Cement Quarry Location Barangay Kilometer Size Distance History Discovery Hiking Trail Tour Guide The Banju Springs are located in Barangay Real in San Luis, Baler, in Aurora Province. The base of this natural attraction is an abundance of ferns which surround the pool of water. Six meters wide, the winding Banyu spring lies hidden amidst shrubbery. Natural terraced steps overflowing with spring water best describe the Banyu Springs. A mass of ferns surrounds the springs, which stretch up to a hundred meters toward the source of the spring, hidden amidst shrubbery. Because a cement quarry located under the spring flow was exposed and weathered due to the constant flow of water, the cement settled into a terraced formation. To get to the Banju Springs, take a private vehicle or hire a jeep from Baler town proper to Barangay Real in San Luis. Another kilometer-and-a-half walk on a rough road passing through a rice field will take you to this site.

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