Bandera Peak in Dalaguete

Bandera Peak Dalaguete CebuExplore this newly discovered trail. The entire family can trek along the inner secrets of the mountains of untold legends and historical sites. The trail starts off at Mag-alambak Garden and the way in is marked by the “Tres Marias” – the guardians of the forest. “ Legend has it, that three lovely sisters have been betrothed to a mighty giant whose abode encompasses the peaks overlooking the ocean. The sisters refused to marry the giant for fear of slavery. As they tried to flee, the angry giant cast a spell and turned them into three black rocks. Through the passage of time, the rocks which are now lying under the trees, along a grassy slope, though all covered with moss and tiny vegetation and has become a habitat for small insects, still projects the aura of the three sisters. Since then they have been considered by the locals as the guardians of the forest.”

The trail culminates to a peak which, unknown to many, was used by the American Military during the 2nd World War. Oral accounts has it that the summit which towers 825 meters above sea level, used to house military communication, and triangulation contraptions and a flag pole. Strategic indeed. The summit of Bandera Peak offers an unlimited visual extravaganza making visible cities of Cebu and Tagbilaran, as well as the whole stretch of Bohol Strait, the island of Siquijor and the coastal barangays of Argao and Dalaguete.
Protected by the Dalaguete Bantay Lasang, Bandera Peak is dotted with lush tropical foliage and a variety of ferns, orchids, and shrubs. Experience a “Mt. Everest-like-sensation” from the months of September to January as the peak is most often covered with thick fog. The rest of the months offer an unhampered visibility. Temperature range from 26 to 33 degrees in summer and 20 to 25 degrees in rainy seasons.

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