Balot Island in Kalamansig

Balot Island Kalamansig Sultan Kudarat Donauang Balut Size Location Celebes Sea Beach Water Resort Tour Guide Boat Visit Marine Protected Area Barangay Snorkeling Scuba Diving Rock Formation Info Balot Island is located in Kalamansig in Sultan Kudarat Province. Balot Island, also known as Donauang Island and Balut Island, is a sparsely inhabited island facing the Celebes Sea. The island  boasts of fresh sea breeze, calm turquoise waters, pristine white sand beaches, satisfying every real beach lover’s dream. Balot is one of the six islets in Barangay Paril in Kalamansig and is part of the Paril-Sangay Marine Protected Area. To get to Balut Island, hire the daily boat from Kalamansig for P40 to Barangay Paril. The one-hour boat ride from the poblacion to Balut Island offers a breathtaking view of the coastal villages of the town where rock formations and cliffs abound with greeneries. The town is about four hours away from Cotabato City, the closest urban center.

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