Baler, Aurora

Baler SurfingBaler is the capital of Aurora Province. The long coastline of Aurora is exposed to the Pacific Ocean and when the ocean stirs, it unloads massive swells on the coastline. It is possible to get waves here all year round, but generally the best waves come in from October to February. The surfing scene in the film Apocalypse Now was filmed in Baler at Charlie’s Point. When the film crew departed, they left their surfboards behind, igniting the popularity of surfing in Baler. Surfers from all over the world compete here for the annual Aurora Surfing Cup. Great and accessible surfing areas in Baler include Sabang Beach, Cemento Beach, Charlie’s Point and Lindy’s Point. Local surfers are always friendly and hospitable to visitors, and it pays to learn from their experience with the waves.

Aurora has an abundance of shallow coral reefs where snorkelers can appreciate various forms of coral and undersea life. Good snorkeling points are found in the adjacent areas of the Aniao Islets, Cemento Beach, Dimadimalangat Islet and Lukso-Lukso Islets.

If you’d like to experience the rugged beauty of Aurora’s terrain, the nearby municipality of San Luis offers some of the finest spots for nature trekkers. In its mountainous areas, you can track the trails to Cunayan Falls, Ditumbo Falls and Banju Springs.

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