Baguio Craft Brewery

Baguio Craft BeerBaguio Craft Brewery is Baguio City‘s newest beer pub. Opened in June 2014, this bistro offers a unique selection of locally brewed ales and lagers. Among their menu of drinks are a line of beers named after realms of Ifugao Mythology. The beers offered include the Pugaw, which is the India Pale Ale; The Kabunyan, which is a Wheat Beer; The Dalom, a Brown Ale; The Lagud, which is a Strawberry Beer, and the Daya, a German Lager. Other beers available include the ‘Englishman in New York’, which is their version of an American Pale Ale; The Ida, a Raspberry Beer, The Ripe, which is a Passion Fruit Beer, the Kraken Baltic Porter, and the ‘Message in a Bottle’ beer. All of the beers at Baguio Craft Brewery are assigned an Alcohol Level (ABV, or Alcohol by Volume), Bitterness (IBU, or International Bittering Units), and Color (SRM, or Standard Reference Method).

There are many different types of beer but all fall under the two main types: ales and lagers. The difference lies in the temperatures at which they are fermented. Ales are fermented at higher temperatures and are generally more robust and complex. Lagers are fermented at lower temperatures and are generally cleaner-tasting and crisper than ales.

“Xavierbier is the story of six like-minded individuals from three different countries driven by the desire to make their mark on the emerging craft beer culture in the Philippines.

The desire was cultivated in 2011 when Chris Ordas met with Ryan Garcia in Seattle to discuss the possibility of opening a microbrewery in the Philippines. Within two years, Mico Cortez, Michael Anderson, and Alex Basa joined the team to offer their individual strengths. All their ideas were fleshed out in Edmonton, Canada when Chris and Alex met with Arnold Miguel, Xavierbier’s Head Brewer.

We believe in adapting and evolving by integrating the best of foreign influences into our culture, without compromising our identities as Filipinos.

The concept of craft beer originated in the West, and we recognize it to be a very desirable cultural staple to bring into our country. We strive towards recreating the vibrant Western beer drinking culture locally and infusing it with our unique and enduring Filipino identity.

Having said that, we believe that our character as Filipinos lies not only in what we were from the beginning, but also in what we have become today. This acceptance is what defines Xavierbier — an organization that respects all that we were, embraces all that we are, and looks forward to all that we can and will be.”

Food items on their menu include Buffalo Wings, Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings, Fish Tacos, Chicken Tacos, Frankfurters, Bratwursts, Fresh Garden Salad, Greek Salad; Side dishes available are Sweet Potato Fries and Cole Slaw.

Baguio Craft Beer is located on the second floor of the newly constructed RKC Building on Marcos Highway in Baguio City. Their address is RKC Building, 120 Marcos Highway, Kilometer 4, in Baguio City. For location, contact, nutrition, and complete menu information, you can visit their official web site by clicking HERE.

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