Ayuquitan Festival in Basay

Ayuquitan Festival Negros OrientalThe Ayuquitan Festival is held every May in Basay, Negros Oriental province. Street dancing and showdown competitions dramatizing the old name of San Jose town (Ayuquitan) which is derived from the vernacular “inukitan” or the chaff and hulls of fruits after birds have picked at the crops.  Highlights the feast of patron St Joseph. Streetdancing and showdown competitions. Main feature is the re-telling of the origin of the town’s place name. It is said that in olden times, Spanish colonials came to the town and encountered a native beside a pile of husks, the( “inukitan” ) or left-overs of fruits and grain after birds have pecked the meat. The Spanish visitors asked for the name of the place.  The native, not understanding a word but assuming it to be a question about the husks, told them what it was. The Spanish eventually came to refer to the area as “Ayuquitan,” the old name of San Jose.

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  • jackrenz .

    may i respectfully inform the author that the ayuquitan festival is held in the Municipality of San Jose, Negros Oriental. Please edit the title of the blogpost to reflect this, thanks