Ayala Triangle Gardens in Makati

Ayala Triangle Gardens MakatiThe Ayala Triangle Gardens is located in Makati City, in Manila. It is considered metro Manila’s Central Park — an urban oasis at the heart of the central business district. At the heart of its busiest intersections, where Makati Avenue, Paseo de Roxas and Ayala Avenue meet to form a triangle, this park is an urban oasis in the CBD developed to give people that much-needed breathing space, and a pleasant environment to share experiences. From being the site of the country’s first landing strip to being the block that held the nucleus of the Philippine business community now emerges a calming & beautiful haven for Makati’s Central Business District is now a landscaped expanse of over 20,000 square meters populated by over a hundred trees with a diverse mix including rain trees, golden palms, fire trees, kamuning and podo cerpus. All these in an open courtyard tastefully interspected with lush greenery and inspired public art pieces from some of the country’s leading artists. Visit the Ayala Triangle Gardens and enjoy a moment in this contemporary oasis.

The Ayala Triangle Gardens first opened in 2009. Its landscape covers over 20,000 sqm of a cultivated, diverse mix of more than 100 rain trees, golden palms, fire trees, sweet-smelling kamuning (commonly known as orange jasmine), and the widely familiar garden tree Podocarpus. Public art pieces stand among the greenery, on display for all visitors to appreciate. Trendy restaurants featuring a range of different cuisine, from Asian to European, and open-air dining spots cap off the Ayala Triangle Gardens.

In addition to landscaped park grounds, there is a row of one-of-a-kind restaurants that offer fresh, new dining concepts with al fresco seating. This triangular block also houses the Makati Stock Exchange, the Tower One & Exchange Plaza, and the Filipinas Heritage Library, built on the site of the historic Nielson Tower. In this section, find restaurants, menus, and exhibit and event schedules. Ayala Triangle is located between the Salcedo Village and the Legazpi Village Hotspots – between the triangle of the streets Makati Avenue, Ayala Avenue and Paseo de Roxas.


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