Naga Beach in Calbayog

Naga Beach Calbyog Samar Electric Cooperatives Office Location Water Sand Resort Surf Tide Sports Snorkeling Depth Scuba Diving Hotel Location Distance Boat Tour Guide Barangay Visit Fishing Naga Beach is located in Calbayog in Samar Province. Naga Beach is also called “Electric Beach” due to its location which is in proximity to the local electric cooperatives office. The beach offers cottages in a line along its grayish sandy shore. This is popular not only among Calbayognons but also for beachcombers from the nearby municipalities. Its cool fresh water, scenic view of Samar Island attracts picnickers and beachcombers. Continue reading

Kabugsakan Falls in Boac

Kabugsakan Falls Tugas Boac Marinduque Tugos Location Waterfalls Hiking Trail Water Size Swimming Length River Basin Camping Depth Stream Creek Height Distance Flow Tour Picnic Bathing Nature Guide Kabugsakan Falls is located in Tugas, Boac in Marinduque Province. The Kabugsakan Waterfalls is located 3 kilometer north of Tugos and is ideal for picnics and nature based activities. It is a popular spot among the locals because of its close proximity to Boac. The falls are located in a scenic rocky gorge and drop in total about 15m over two sections: the upper falls dropping into a secluded rocky pool before dropping again the remaining 10m or so to a much larger pool at the bottom with other rivulets cascading down some of the large boulders and rock formations in the floor of the gorge. Boac is Continue reading

The Buy-buyan Falls in Anilao

Buy-buyan Falls Palaypay Anilao Iloilo Serpent Location Waterfalls Hiking Trail Water Size Swimming Length River Basin Camping Depth Stream Creek Height Distance Flow Tour Picnic Bathing Nature GuideThe Buy-buyan Falls is located in Palaypay, Anilao in Iloilo Province. The Buy-buyan Waterfalls cascades like a transparent serpent. The Buy-buyan Falls is located 2 1/2 kilometers away from the center of Anilao. Continue reading

The Tahiti Festival in Magpet

Tahiti Festival Magpet Cotabato Grass Manobo Celebration August Schedule Calendar Date Theme Events Meaning Location History Fiesta Origins Pageant Lineup Parade Costumes Props Miss Photos Broom The Tahiti Festival is held annually in Magpet in Cotabato Province. The Tahiti Festival is an annual celebration of the vast production of soft brooms and handicrafts making use of tahitl grass which become the main product of the Manobos in the Municipality of Magpet. The Tahiti Festival is usually held in August of each year. Continue reading

The Bae Rice Terraces in Kiangan

Bae Rice Terraces Kiangan Ifugao Location Size History Farm Plantation Barangay Harvest Season Kilometer Panoramic View Tour Guide Province Heritage Unesco List Species Irrigation Length Description The Bae Rice Terraces are located in Ambabag, Kiangan in Ifugao Province. The Bae Rice Terraces is among the panoramic sites in Kiangan and is located near the Nagacadan Rice Terraces. The rice terraces in Ifugao have existed for over 2,000 years and are currently listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Bae Rice Terraces is located minutes from the town center, and its location is ideal for sunrise and sunset walks amidst the majestically maintained terraces. Continue reading

The Marmol Cliff in Tuburan

Marmol Cliff Tuburan Cebu Twin Marble Rock Location Stone Boulders Cave Barangay Province Hiking Trail Height Length Tricycle Tour Guide Visit River Stream Low Tide Camping Visit Climb Resort Info Marmol Cliff is located in Tuburan in Cebu province. Located at the northeastern part of the province, the Marmol Cliff is Tuburan’s famous gigantic twin marble rock offering any adventurer ultimate pleasure of experiencing the beauty of nature. The word ‘marmol’ means marble stone. The boulders and spacious cave on the side of the cliff had been useful for Filipino Katipuneros during WWII. More to it, this wide cliff which stands in different heights of over hundred feet with all its enchantment is also the spot where the Maria Cacao & Joaquin Tang-an Story lies. Continue reading

The San Jose Church in Ivana

San Jose Church Ivana Batanes Location History Construction Architecture Layout Parish Schedule Mass Espadana Wedding Priest Campanile Belltower Statue Tour Visit Structure Building Convent Worship The San Jose Church is located in Ivana in Batanes Province. The church, officially known as San Jose de Ivana Church, was constructed in 1814 although its foundation dates back as early as 1795. Of all the churches in the province, San Jose is the only one that was not built in the traditional espadaña style. It has a crenellated fortress-like campanile or belltower that gives the appearance of a fortification. The San Jose Church fronts the Ivana Seaport and offers a commanding view of the sea and surrounding countryside due to its elevation. The San Jose Church is located 14 kilometers from Basco. Continue reading

The Matawe Inter-Tidal Area in Dingalan

Matawe Inter-tidal Area Matawe Dingalan Aurora Location Low Tide Flat Size Hectare Meter Pool Depth Sea Water Swimming Fishing Camping Picnic Length History Resort Description Elevation Fish Water The Matawe Inter-Tidal area is located in Dingalan in Aurora Province. During low tide, a vast tidal flat of about 10 hectares is exposed, making it possible to walk over 400 meters towards a promontory that encloses a large tidal pool, 20 feet deep. The tidal pool is completely sealed from the surrounding sea water making its water perfectly still even as the waves roar just a few meters behind the promontory. Dingalan is located on the northernmost part of Aurora Province and is located 183 kilometers (114 miles) northeast of Manila. The entire town of Dingalan is mountainous due to its proximity to the Sierra Madre Mountain Range.  Despite the rugged terrain, the town is accessible by bus, jeepneys, cars and other means of land transportation passing through Cabanatuan City, which is 65 kilometers away. Baler, the Continue reading

Dunsulan Falls in Pilar

Dunsulan Falls Liyang Pilar Bataan Bagac Pantingan Location Waterfalls Hiking Trail Water Size Swimming Length River Basin Camping Depth Stream Creek Height Distance Flow Tour Picnic Nature Guide The Dunsulan Falls is located in Liyang, Pilar in Bataan Province. The Dunsulan Falls is a place which offers a nice quiet atmosphere. If you want a peaceful relaxing visit, drop by this falls to enjoy nature while dipping on its water. To get to the Dunsulan Waterfalls, take a bus going to Balanga City. Get off at the Bataan Terminal and look for a Bagac or Pantingan jeepney trip or Morong bus trip which will both pass the way to Barangay Liyang. Getting to the Dunsulan Falls requires a short hike Continue reading

The Ang Panublion Museum in Roxas

Ang Panublion Museum Hughes Street Roxas City Capiz Location Water Tank Building Exhibit Construction Collection Display Collection History Culture Artifacts Hours Bidjo Memorabilia Entrance Fee The Ang Panublion Museum is located in Roxas City in Capiz Province. Also known as the Roxas City Museum, Ang Panublion was originally built as a water tank in 1910. The Panublion Museum now refills the water tank with Capiz history, culture and arts. It houses exhibitions, conducts Think Tank Talks, Creativity Labs, and Bidjo sa Sabado. The Panublion’s program is guided by the UCFI-ONE Capiz work plan for tourism, education, culture and arts. Its objective is to establish Capiz as an Eco-Cultural Tourism Hub in Central Visayas. As Such, the museum will not only serve a repository of cultural/historical memorabilia and artefacts, but will serve as the venue where Capizeños bring their artestry into the light where it can blossom and shed its radiance. The Ang Panublion Museum is located on Hughes Street Continue reading