Arandurugan Festival in Guinobatan

Arandurugan Festival AlbayThe Arandurugan Festival is held every August in Guinobatan, Albay Province. Arandurugan festival which means “tarabangan or pagtutulungan” is the celebration of the cooperation, unity, association, collaboration and the harmonious co-action of the people in the municipality. This is also the feast celebration of Our Lady of the Assumption- the Patroness Saint. It was indeed a double celebration for the Guionobatenos. This is a way to give thanks for the bountiful lands and for the continuous blessings being showered to the people of Guinobatan.

In the past, the Local Government Units prepared lots of activities that would showcase the skills and talents of the people. One of the most awaited by the people from various areas is the Street Presentation. Crops like corns, root crops and some products like handicrafts and various native delicacies were exhibited. They express it in a dance. The dance portrays their daily task. Almost all of the school in the municipality had taken part in the said event. Active participation of the students from elementary up to tertiary level highlights the celebration.

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