Ampere Beach in Aurora

Ampere Beach Dipaculao Aurora Bunga Point Location Resort Distance Island Smooth Rocks Sand Pebbles Okotan Cave Pacific Shoreline Sabang History Swimming Surf Tide Windsurfing Tour Distance Seashells Ampere Beach is located in Dipaculao, Aurora. This beach is covered with smooth rocks of various sizes and darker color. This beach is an area called Bunga Point or Ampere Point, where local residents flock to Okotan Cave, a time-honored locale for forecasting the weather. The Pacific waves, upon hitting the shoreline cave, produce an explosion, the intensity of which, according to local lore, determines the intensity of the incoming weather. To get to Ampere Beach from Baler town proper, take a tricycle going to Sabang Beach. From there, hire a motorized banca and ask to be taken to the site.

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