AirAsia Airlines Kalibo to Clark Flight Schedule

AirAsia Airlines Airplane

An AirAsia Airbus aircraft at the Kalibo International Airport

AirAsia Airlines has daily flights departing from the Kalibo International Airport in Aklan (Malay Island) to Clark International Airport (Diosdado Macapagal Airport) in Pampanga (Luzon Island) in the Philippines. Their daily flight schedule is as follows:

Air Asia Kalibo (KLO) to Clark (CRK):

Day Flight # Departure Time Arrival Time
Monday PQ7006 4:15pm 5:25pm
Tuesday PQ7002 8:35am 9:45am
Wednesday PQ7006 4:15pm 5:25pm
Thursday PQ7002 8:35am 9:45am
Friday PQ7006 4:15pm 5:25pm
Saturday PQ7002 8:35am 9:45am
Sunday PQ7006 4:15pm 5:25pm

Flights and times are subject to change anytime. For reservations, seating availability, latest airfare price quotes, in flight dining menu, most current flight routes, latest schedules, and more information, you can visit the official AirAsia web site by clicking HERE.

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