Adlaw Hong Butuan Festival

Adlaw Hong Butuan FestivalThe Adlaw Hong Butuan is a yearly event in Butuan City that celebrates its Charter Day. The Adlaw Hong Butuan presents the city’s modern culture through street parties, beauty pageants, motorcades, and a parade of performers and colorful floats. Part of the major activities of Adlaw Hong Butuan is the celebration of another festival, the Abayan Festival, also in Butuan. This festival is celebrated in Butuan City on August 2. The event also aims to show to all the tourists and natives the way of life, customs and trade of the people living in the city.

Since Butuan became a city, the Adlaw Hong Butuan has been celebrated year after year. During this Butuan festival, government and non-government organizations honor its present government as well as its former leaders who have contributed a great deal to Butuan becoming a chartered city. One must bear in mind that before a place can be declared a city, there are certain legal requirements that must first be met relating to economic status and population among others. The Adlaw Hong Butuan is held every August 2nd and the activities that are done on this day are held at the City Hall. Among the activities during the Adlaw Hong Butuan are beauty pageants where the Ms. Butuan City is crowned, it is a time when there are beautiful decorated floats that roam the streets, motorcades and of course, street parties complete with local bands. The main event though of the Adlaw Hong Butuan is the Palagsing Festival which is a contest of who can make the longest sticky rice cake. The best part is yet to come though because at the end of the contest, everyone gets to try the sticky rice cake. The Adlaw Hong Butuan is truly very different as compared to other Butuan festivals.

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