999 Mall Food Court in Divisoria

New 999 Mall Food Court in Divisoria

The food court at the newly constructed 999 Mall building in Manila is located on the third floor

The new 999 Mall in the Divisoria shopping district of Manila has recently opened. Connected to the older 999 Mall building via an enclosed pedestrian footbridge, the new 999 Mall features a spacious food court on the third floor. Fast food restaurants Chow King and Jollibee can be found at this food court.

The 999 Mall is located next to the 168 Mall in Divisoria.

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  • joekwan

    There are more to the food court here than jolibee and chowking. The adventure here is to try those authentic chinese fare from different provinces in china. And one noteworthy stall is the HongKong Big Smile. The chef is from HK and so their food taste and smells like HK. In fact if you close your eyes and just use your nose, you’ll probably think you’re walking along causewaybay. And great tasting food aside, the price is sooo affordable. One heaping scoop of high grade rice with 1 quarter roast duck and free vegiies and soup only cost P120. Beat that!!